IHomie OG | Changing Tides: 2017 Recap - Dec. 31, 2017

I guess we’re off to Australia!

Some of you may remember me from the FH2 media center, I haven’t been around much since then! I shoot in forza as well as IRL, you can see some of my stuff on flickr (link down below). I’ve been into forzatography since the tail end of forza 3, and I’m still kicking.

Hopefully you guys enjoy my work over the upcoming season!

Flickr - IRL + Forza

WIR 9/23/16 - Day 1 Feature - Seen Here

3rd Place - Breaking Wind

1st Place - Splash Back

Sorted from oldest to newest in descending order.
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Changing Tides : 2017 Recap

Other Bonus/Mini Sets

Quick Shots - Mar. 4, 2017

It’s good to be back in the land of Horizon!
The first couple shots are from the demo. Enjoy!

More shots on the way tonight!

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Wow dude, this picture is so amazing!

Part 2

Mostly trying to find spots and get more cash at the moment, didn’t take much. More shots on the way.

Wow… I legitimately thought this was irl shot! O_O

Also this is awesome too!

There’s a name I’m glad to see around here and this is just the sort of thing I was expecting to see :slight_smile:

Thank you! Probably helps that I mostly do landscapes IRL aha

Thanks Hooker! Definitely trying to reintegrate myself back in here

I’ve posted a few more of my day 1 shots here.

Absolutely beautiful!

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Thanks Viper!

Thanks for looking

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Fantastic photo really love the selection of colour, I have one very similar but with a Lamborghini,


It is good to have you back. :slight_smile:

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That shot of the Ferrari is simply beautiful!

I would love to see this shot do well in a official photomode contest. :slight_smile:

Your Forza shots are on point as usual but i just wanted to say your IG is crazy cool


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Let me bring this one back up.

It’s so… fluffy!

Good job buddy… in everything you do!

Great eye and great gallery

Really happy to see your return, and it’s obvious that you’ve not lost your touch.

This is amazing,

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