IGN car pack not getting the free Ferrari

Is anyone else had this problem.
My wife has gone to the Auto show After going to the Marketplace to get the free car.
Only for it to show up in the Autoshow for money and not free ??
This is on several accounts she has.
Is there anyway you can delete the download and do it again ? to get it free or is that it ?

Sorry but the free car is only free in the Autoshow to the account that downloaded the car. This is the way it’s been since they started making DLC cars free in the game.

Surely it’s free to who ever downloads it from the Store
So all accounts should be able to download it.

Well I downloaded it for free on 4 of my accounts.
So you should be able to download it at least on one.
Not sure if you can delete it and download again tho.

Have your wife download the free car from the in-game marketplace on her account.

If your account is the only one that has downloaded then your account is the only one who gets the car for free (at the autoshow, one time). Since the car is free, every account can download it - if it already shows as installed on the console (since another account has downloaded it) I suggest your wife’s account logs into Xbox.com and downloads it there.

She can have it if she buys it in game. ?
No way is it free anywhere tho.
So how does she download it from Xbox.com ? please
By the way it is her Xbox.

It should be available in the autoshow for every account.

For the gamertag that downloaded the dlc it should be free with regards to in game credits. For every other account it will cost credits

Sat, I’m talking about the free Ferrari.
She has now purchased the whole car pack on her main account.
But still not showing as free (the Ferrari) on other accounts. But it is showing as being purchased on the others.
It’s in the Autoshow but for credits

Being in the autoshow for credits is how it works.

The account that buys the dlc with real money gets the cars from the autoshow for free.

Any other account can buy the car from the autoshow but it will cost credits.

The Ferrari is only free to down load,meaning you do not have to buy the car pack to get it. You do however have to pay for it in game with in game credits.

Since the Ferrari is free to download, anyone with an Xbox Live account can go to xbox.com and use the search bar to search for the content.

Search for “Forza Horizon 2 IGN” and the DLC should appear. Then click download on the Ferrari - you can do this from any XBL account.

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My wife says Thank you very much that has worked.
Not sure why it did not work in game.

Because - if one profile downloads the content on the Xbox it appears for all profiles as installed and won’t let them download it on their own. It’s weird that way. The original owner must uninstall it so someone else can also install it (just to get the rights to it) or it must be done online.

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Just a quickie as they have got it now.
I downloaded it on numerous accounts with no problem for free.
maybe cause I done it through the hub