If They Don't Fix MP This Game Is Dead

MP is completely broken and has only got worse.

Let me elaborate because some don’t get it.

  1. Arcade, completely broken and extremely difficult to complete because of lack of other players or players vanishing.
  2. Online racing is a 50 50 chance of completing.
  3. As your drive towards other players in the world they simply vanish and this is constant.
  4. Impossible to find a world where there are plenty of players, lucky to fine a world that has at most 10 people.

I don’t know if these issues apply to XBox or not I play on PC but this is happening on all servers and a constant issue. Like I said this is a game that is all about MP and it is completely broken at the moment and bleeding players on the PC side. And these are just the MP issues, many cannot even play because of crashing and very poor performance, I have not had many of those issues but many have.

God Bless

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What do you mean by Multiplayer is broken. I’ve done a number of multiplayer events / races today without any issues.

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What is broken?

FH5 in singleplayer is OK.

Multiplayer has never been working properly since release. in 70% of the time players are invisible to each other. Sometimes they pop up and disappear magically. They may be able to see you but you do not see them.

Arena is broken
Eliminator is broken
Online racing is broken

All with similar root causes / issues. E.g. cars seem to standstill on starting line, but in fact they can be first place, even though you saw no one before you and believed to finish first a race. Time distance to others players are missing - what is time distance to other opponent on a control point? Feature in FH4. Disappeared in FH5- I can imagine why. Too expensive to make it work.

These MP failures were well known before launch and they decided not to fix them. Time to move on to other “online” games with proper MP until the fix it.