If I enjoyed playing Forza Horizon 3, will I also enjoy Motorsport 7?

I’ve been contemplating getting Motorsport 7 since I enjoyed playing Horizon 3. I like all the new car selections in Motorsport 7, however one thing I loved about H3 was the fact that it was an open world racing game, whereas M7 is completely track focused. I’m not too sure I would like the aspect of only playing on tracks after I became so used to the real-world feel of H3.

What do you guys think?

I purchased UE 7; played it for approximately 30 minutes and went back to FH3

You might have more fun with Forza Horizon 2, its a whole new world to explore, still plenty of fun and still an active online playerbase.

If you were introduced to Forza through Horizon, most likely you will not enjoy the Motorsport side. The physics are a lot less forgiving, tuning plays a huge part, and everything is a lot more competitive. Motorsport is for the kind of person who enjoys hotlapping and spending hours trying to shave off a few tenths from their lap times.

You definitely won’t enjoy being limited to tracks unless that’s what you prefer.

As someone who loved FH3 and likes FM7, going from a gorgeous open world to circuit tracks with sterile visuals wasn’t as fun. FM7’s graphics arent as good as I thought they’d be and that definitely makes the circuits feel a bit more dull. There’s also a lot less freedom in general.