identify f1 car

Can anyone identify a classic f1 car, I’ve seen it online and raced against it. How can I get it? It’s got a huge fin and its not in the manufacturer’s garage.

are you talking about the ferrari 312

they are either 1.6 or 2 mill each. go to career then to the bottom right block of races. you’ll see the 70s race set and it’ll say cars purchaseable. click on it and it will automatically sendd you to the store with those two cars to buy. there are only two, the ferrari and the mclarin. people seem to be able to do a little better with the ferrari.

if its not one of those just sort by class and it’ll be x class, chevy, honda or lotus. unless its dlc, i dont have any dlc.

If it’s an actual classic F1, then it’s the Ferrari 312 like Johnson said. But the huge fin thing made me think of the new DLC car, the Chaparral E2; it’s got a giant umbrella on it. I don’t understand why the Fiat it’s necessary to have the wing 10 feet above the car, but whatever…

In earlier generations when people first started playing with wings on race cars, several had wings way up there. When F1 cars started having wings, they were way up like that, too. I think I’ve even seen front wings mounted way up in the air.

yep. plymouth superbird for example. sprint cars use a raised front wing above the hood. there is a audi rally car with a wing mounted in front of bumper and above the bumper but for track cars the wing is generally kept low since it is the clean air end of the car

but i may have seen the car you are talking about. it was a kit based on either lambo or bricklyn that had a rear wing on the front. it was in the 70s and i cant remeber but i doubt you could find one today.

Nope - it is done to force to air up over the car which generates downforce (and can aid cooling) and to create a vacuum under the car to pull it down onto the track (obviously didn’t work on the Merc Mark Webber had flip on him at Le Mans years ago).
If I remember right the high mounted front wings on the front were mainly used for things like Pikes Peak, but I think there may have been an F1 car that tried it several decades ago. The Sprint cars actually use their wings to turn which is why they are so huge.

Actually, I think it’s a park bench.

I’m afraid you are both mistaken, it is in fact a ski lift.

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Thanks for the heads up guys.
I thought it was the table where all the team used to have their meals.

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XD You made me laugh so hard I just woke everyone up. Crap…

Chaparral Cars has a history of experimenting with downforce in unusual ways. The idea of having the wing so high up was to keep it out of the turbulence caused by other cars, making it consistent. It was active, but was controlled by a foot pedal by the driver. Their most famous and unusual car was the 2J, which used a skirt around the vehicle and two fans driven by a snowmobile engine to suck itself to the road, producing downforce. The system meant that downforce was constant regardless of speed. It was much quicker than any of the other cars and was outlawed.

Chaparral was ingenious and very resourceful. Much of the technology they pioneered had evolved into what is still used today.

keep it up in clean air and out of dirty air in races? it is a vintage car back before aero became refined right? or maybe i am thinking of the wrong car. its not openwheel f1 but it wouldn’t be the 1st time someone used f1 to refer to other types, myself included. i called indy cars f1 and was quickly corrected.

It’s not the chapparal or the two f1 cars that came with the game. It has a huge induction fin right behind the driver. I noticed it when I raced the classic grand prix online. A couple other drivers had it. I’ll try again today and look for it, but thx for the help.

As said by someone else it is an aero upgrade for the car.

Huge fin sounds like the e-tron:

Both the Ferrari 312 and the Mclaren M23 have aero modifications that put some giant air scoops over the engine, is this what your talking about?

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Both Classic F1 cars in Forza 5 have the option to change the air intake. The optional Air intake is giant on both cars.

Aero upgrades for each F1 car.

they should have made the taller version the default. i dont know how many times i went around a corner and hit something that wasn’t there to find out it was one of those darn go carts that i just couldn’t see. coming down the mountain at bathurst…not sure i could have avoided them anyway with the narrow track and them trying to pass at every apex but atleast i could have given it an effort.