Idea for super wheelspins

So, after grinding at the game since ultimate edition release, last night id finally saved up enough to buy banborough castle, i wanted it for the barn find and who doesnt want a castle, anyway for buying it i got 10 super wheelspins, awesome, but what wasnt awesome was the prizes from them.
In total across all 10 spins i got 50k cash, 3 cheep common cars and all the rest of the prizes were horns, emotes and clothing items i wouldnt be seen dead in,
I was left poor, rubbish clothes and with a couple common cars, much like real life to be honest haha,
My idea to stop the bad luck i had is to have for super spins only, 1 column as a car of any level, column 2 as cash prize of varying amounts and column 3 as emotes/clothes/horns,
This way atleast every spin isnt as bad as i got last night, 2 horns and glasses on one of them, but all 10 were just unlucky, wheelspins are just luck but my god i got some bad luck haha,
What do you guys think of my idea?


This is actually a pretty good idea. I was in the exact same boat as you.

I did that for Bamburgh and the 10 wheelspins were just hilarious, got only 1 regular car (a Kia, of all things) and some cash. (500k in total so NOT BAD you’d say but the castle costed 10 million).

Didn’t learn my lesson and grinded to amass 15 million for Edinburgh. Bought that last night. Got 5 cars, but none of them epic or legendary, or FE edition. And got around 1 million back in cash, but again, that’s a 0.06% return on investment.

But yeah, your idea sounds good, if anything at least would make wheelpsins feel more fair. You KNOW that you’ll get some cash, even if it’s 2k, you know you’ll get a car, even if it’s a Kia.

Im yet to get back to grinding for edinborough castle, itl take me another 2-3 weeks to get that one, like you say though it can be 2k and kia but atleast it somthing more useful than leppard print shoes, a horn and a dabbing emote, im 25 so im too old to be dabbing haha.
Just thought itd be a good idea to stop, like you say normal wheelspind being better off most the time

Yes, there are “Super Wheelspins” which net you less than a normal one and that’s annoying. Fixed categories would help to some extent.
We’re currently trying to figure out if there is some kind of “pity timer” involved.
To explain: some other games with random lootboxes (Hearthstone e.g.) use a intern mechanic that increases your chance of getting the highest tier (“legendary” in most cases) any time you don’t get a legendary item. Up to a point were you are guaranteed to get one. If something like this is implemented here it could be wise to bank “Super Wheelspins” until the “pity timer” is near. That’s why we’re currently taking notes of the rarity distribution.
This would also allow to avoid “Super Wheelspins” like you and probably everyone have experienced - with triple greens.

Very good idea.
+1 !

Thank you sir!

Great idea! I got the Austin Taxi and Lambo Aventador FE from regular spins. Supers ain’t all that!

I really want the taxi and the 04 civic, i never land them and theres none on the auction house, of all the spins i have had i have better luck on normal ones, the odd super has been good, but id say like 1 in 20 is half decent, normals i land pretty good

I also have quite a few forzathon points but i dont want to spend them on wheelspins as i see it as a waste really

Great idea!! I have had between like 7-10 super wheels spins were all 3 items were clothing, emotes or horns.

Please post your request in the features wish list thread stickied at the top of the forum.

Thank you.

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