ICR Le Mans Race Thurs 16th 9.15UK time (4.15pm East / 1.15pm West Coast time)

Hi as we all know Le Mans is coming up, so we are doing a one off Le Mans race to celebrate which people are welcome to join in providing you race clean. Use any assist you like but racing line off. sim damage on.

When : Thurs June 16th at 9.15pm UK time (4.15pm East / 1.15pm West)

Track : Le Mans La Sarthe - Day Then Night

Qual : Random grid. This will mix things up at the start. For round 2 it’ll be in the finishing order from Round 1 (grid order by ‘best lap’).

Laps : 30 Laps (15 Laps Day take 10mins break then 15 Laps Night)

Quick Pit Stops : 3 stops For Each Race

Points : Based on FIA 25/18/15/12 etc for each race day and night, add total points for overall ‘ICR Le Mans 2016’ winner. If anyone is a draw on points then their overall position will be defind by their fastest lap on the 2nd race (i.e. the Night time race).

Cars LMP1 : Stock No Tuning

Audi #2 2014 E-Tron - Stock
Porsche 919 2015 - 5% power reduction (set in bucket list in lobby)
Toyota - Stock
Nissan NISMO - Stock
Audi #2 2011 - Stock

More info on www.icracing.co.uk website, direct link below :