iCeDsTaR666 Photography and Livery Showcase (Updated Oct 25)

All liveries showcased are made by me unless stated.

-----------------------------------------------UPDATE 10/25/16-------------------------------------------------------------

Photoshop Edit

-----------------------------------------------UPDATE 10/16/16-------------------------------------------------------------
Honda Civic Type-R

Jaguar F-Type

Nissan Silvia S14 Brill Steel

-----------------------------------------------UPDATE 10/13/16-------------------------------------------------------------
Lexus RC-F Rocketbunny
(Minor Editing on Photoshop) on this pic

Mitsubishi Evo VI

Lamborghini Centenario

Mercedes Benz AMG GT

](Nissan-S14-1 | Javier Oquendo | Flickr)


Bulletproof Automotive Nissan GTR

Carbon Ferrari F40

Toyota FRS Nos Energy Drink

Lamborghini Diablo SV

Honda NSX

I’ll be updating this regularly but this is it for now :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching!


Updated again, it would be so awesome if anyone at least comment :frowning:

I love the NSX shots man. It’s one of my favourites to photograph as well.

This is a fantastic photo, you captured the colors quite well.

Also, I recommend that you use as a place to upload your photos, as they’ll come out nice and crisp since there is very minimal compression compared to other sites.

Thank you Darth yeah i have been in love with that car since it came out back in 1992 <3

Thank you man, ill give it a go at flickr :smiley:

^^^^ That really is a great image.

Beautiful shot!

This one is my overall favourite.

Thank you all for the kind comments, i just updated the gallery with new shots :smiley: i managed to get them looking sharp now.

Love this shot too!


This is lovely:

Thank you Nights Viper :smiley:

Updated again :), come and say hi :smiley:

Great shot!

Thanks man i saw that Mclaren drive by while i was using the drone and i had to capture it :stuck_out_tongue: