i5-4440 your experiences?

I am about to buy a new GPU, especially for this game (most likely RX480). People said that I do not have to upgrade my processor, which is I5-4440.
Well I would like to ask owners of this processor, how is the game running? Do you struggle or is it smooth? Also what details are you able to play with how many FPS?

Thanks in advance to all that will respond :slight_smile:

Get a 6950x and overclock it to 4.0 GHz and get SLI GTX 1080 then watercool it with a custom loop.

*Watercool, stupid autocorrect.

I no nothing about PCs, and I read this, and I’m still nonethewiser of wth you just said XD

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I like McLaren 570s.

i5 is not well optimized on forza horizon 3 so you will suffer annoying micro-stuttering no matter which gpu you use.
The only thing WE can do, is to wait for a fix from Turn10. But if you say “I badly want to play this game NOW” then: go ahead, but be awared of the current situation.

i am playing on a i5 6500 3,2 ghz and can play the game on locked 60fps without issues or frame drops on mid-low settings. can even set everything to high, its still playable, but the fps starts dropping between 50-60 and in surfers paradies its sometimes around 45 fps. i kinda like a race game to be smooth, so i am finde with mid-low settings.

i dont think that this game is very cpu demanding. its more a gpu killer. in my case, my gtx960 is no the beste option for higher performance. been thinking to get a gtx1060 for forza horizon 3.

Yeah i’, running an i5-6600K with 16GB RAM and GTX 1070 FTW and the game runs at rock solid 75FPS. Buttery smooth, no stuttering or hitching of any kind. It’s older CPU’s that have most stuttering problems from what i’ve seen, or with low RAM.

I have a i5-4670K, currently not overclocked. 16gb of memory and a MSI GTX 1060. I can run the game at Ultra settings and rarely see frame rates below 55. Mostly they are around 60. I used to have a GTX760 and got stuttering a LOT in Forza Apex. I’d say that your CPU is probably fine - it’s the Graphics card that will make the most difference.

It’s way overkill for this game. lol
It’d be like getting a Lambo Centenario to drive from you lounge to your toilet and back. If you’ve got the money, go for it, but it’s ridiculous usage of wasted horsepower. lol

Hello guys, firstly thanks for a lot of response.

The way I see it most of the problem would be the GPU, which I am not really worried about, because I will buy a MSI RX 480 X Gaming with 8GB VRAM. Also I’ll buy 16 GB of RAM. Only thing I was worried about was the processor.

Honestly I run Forza Motorsport 6 Apex on Medium, with FPS around 90-160, or locked rock solid 60. I wanted to set the settings a bit higher, but I was not allowed to do so, because of the lack of a VRAM (so far I have only 2 GB). The processor’s usage is around 70-80%…

I hope the processor won’t be an issue. I am really looking forward to play the game :).

Btw. if there are any i5-4440 users who play the game, I will appreciate response as well.