I won't be buying horizon 2

Why? well if I say my reasons then ill most probably get this topic locked. I asked for advice/help about a message I recieved on forza 5 only to recieve a snotty reply and the topic locked. Therefore I am done with forza now I have emailed the relevant recipient by the advice of a mod only to be told it’s an automated service by the recipient etc. All I wanted was some advice as to why I recieved a message saying I can’t use a feature.

Sorry to see you won’t be joining us in Forza Horizon 2.

OP still knows we love him.

I have finally found out as to what has happened its my own daft fault as at the time I didn’t think. I’m in the process of hopefuly resolving this. I love forza and im a fair player and love the designing aspects.

Someone needs to preserve this thread for history.

This has to be the most polite Im done, Im out post that then completely reverses I have ever seen.

I doubt we will see this again, ever.

Stuff of Legends.