I won a Backpack from Forza RC and Have not got my email yet

So I won a backpack in a forza rc and received the xbox live message, However I have still yet to receive the email mentioned in the message. I was curious about when I should receive this email so I can claim the backpack?

I won a photo contest years ago, and won actual prizes.

Typically, if the event is sponsored, it goes through an ad company, that sponsors the event, and they typically will contact you.

Assuming that the prize is a low MSRP, and that there are no tax ramifications, I would gather that they need to have the full list of winners and need to verify that everyone is eligible.

That said, Don’t change your Gamertag (some people do this often for some reason), and just bide your time. I would assume that the typical 6-8 weeks for contests would apply to something like this, and since it is not a HIGH DEMAND ultra fragile item, that it would be shipped in the most cost-effective way possible… which usually also leans toward the slow manufacturing and packaging and handling of the item, before shipping. If shipping is the final step, and they don’t need to verify anything else, once the products and recipients are verified, I would assume a 2-3 week delivery window.

Again… I don’t work for Turn 10, Microsoft, or any of its advertisers… just letting you know how similar experiences worked for me… and very few have strayed from this… aside from getting a leftover License plate frame shipped to me, from the Forza Motorsport 2 gala event, a year afterwards, when they asked if anyone wanted a plate frame… I said yes, and I got it in a few days.