I woke up this morning and all my cars, money Driver level in achievements or gone

Sunday the 3rd of January around 10 o’clock I woke up I just went to bed 5 hours before that playing Forza 6 when I woke up all my cars money paint jobs tunes achievements we’re gone and it froze I uninstalled the game so I reinstalled the game and everything that came with the ultimate edition that includes f m6 2015 Nissan number 23 GTR LM Nismo and FM 6 2015 Infiniti 260 concept sm6 eBay Motors Car Pack FM 6 2016 Mazda team for Forza MX - 5 Forza Motorsports 6 car pass FM 6 fast and furious Car Pack FM 600 GaTech Car Pack Forza Motorsport 6 10 year anniversary pack after I left the game completely hundred percent install I sign back in under my gamertag name and it showed all the cars in those packs but the game started off like it did when I first bought it it started going through the process of of talking about the game and all that and I never did that before none of my cars came back none of my money did my tunes my paint jobs only what I described came back and it put me back to level 1 instead of level 400 + I’ve contacted Microsoft we have tried everything to no luck only thing I have is what the game came with originally the car packs 5 million dollars and I’m on level 1 none of my achievements which you clearly can see under the Forza hub it’s been a rough couple days for me dealing with all this because I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 days worth of hours played and invested in tuning cars and painting in them and campaigning through the all the five different series I was 71% done and wasn’t stopping I love that game can you please help me at least get my cars back I had over 325 cars that I paid for I spent over 145 million dollars in the game on cars never mind the days of tuning and painting cars I had invested in the game I really don’t understand how this whole forum works but I hope it gets to the right person and that could help me please fix this problem the gentleman at Microsoft today told me to do this way again and it should work so that’s what I’m trying to do again my gamertag is jasonar223 thank you and please help me out here please thank you pS sorry if i ruffle any feathers in the past two days that’s just a lot of stuff gone without a trace thank you again

You need to delete your game and save, but don’t delete the cloud save, install it all then start game, when sync starts it should offer to sync from old save or new, pick the old save you should get eveything back as I did. The preveiw program update formated my xb1 lost all my games inc all forza games, after f6 took 19hrs to sync I got everything back, as I paint alot I was very happy my paint was there etc.

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I’ll try that I’m sure I did all ready but I’ll will try I have try ed so many things that Microsoft I have to told me to try I have no idea where it even begin again and what do you mean by deleting the game I uninstalled it