I woke up this morning and all my cars and money was gone Microsoft has no idea what's wrong with it

Ten days ago now I woke up to pla fms6 and all my cars $and tunes ,paints jobs was gone .I have uninstalled the game ten times and it started me all over I was 71% done with the entire game. So I have no idea what happened. The guys at turn 10 gave me some credit back to buy some of my cars back ,that was cool the problem still I’d that I can’t make more than 4 or 5 tunes ar a time becuz ot says that I have to many .but on my end I don’t have any at all I made about 20 new paint jobs then it did the same thing saYing that I had to many …I don’t understand what’s Goin on I am getting paid everyday like I was be4 this happen for my tunes and paint jobs but I can’t access any of them only way I can if I look up my name under a paint job or he tune but I can’t download it because it says you can download this because it’s your own name.idk what to do anymore if anyone has a idea please let me know I even thought about changing my gamertag name but Microsoft said that won’t workif any1 can hell me out in this situation it will be greatly appreciated

This might be worth a try regarding Tunes/Paints because I believe that they may be saved to your profile rather than your original game save

  1. For paints pick any car out of you new garage and go in to paint it. Click on the “My Designs” icon and you may find all of the designs you downloaded from your old save

  2. For tunes you will have to re-buy every car from your first save from memory. When you go in to tune it and click on “My Tunes” your tunes from your old save should be there. That way you can delete any old ones you no longer need and free space to download new ones

If this doesn’t work try syncing your old save if you still have it. I did this and although I didn’t get my progress/cars/cash back I did get Tunes/Paints back i.e; accessible via my new save so that i could do 1+2 above. It’s a tedious bit of admin but worth it in the long run

Hope this helps