I was banned and it expired and still banned in game

I was banned on the 11/09/2021 and it expired on forzasupport app it says 11/16/2021 yet in game im still banned forza hasnt been helping me at all wit replying to my emails or anything what can i do ive uninstalled the game i have removed and added my account aswell more than once and yet still banned in game… So forza please help me out by resolving this issue as buying a game and doing things to build myself up in the game and then just for this to happen is very upsetting please…

What did you get banned for?

Unfortunately, you are not alone in this…there is a nother thread somewhere on here about being banned after suspension expiry…not aware of any solution as the only way to contact Suport is via the ticket ssystem

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Reason I asked is I heard that a Microsoft service ban for communication basically reinstated full functionality Vs the playground games ban.

I wouldn’t do it personally, but get sweary with a friend and get them to report you.

Really? That would be a strange one to happen, although I guess it makes sense as Forza is simply blocking your Xbox Live profile in-game and, presumably, uses the exact same system as MS uses.

I wouldn’t do it either…even if it’s a first offense that carries a 24 hours comm ban, the chances of it being much longer and even permanently is too high. Xbox/MS enforcements are not reliable these days…I’ve seen people getting perma bans for minor offenses (or so they say)