I want to try some tunes

I’m gonna have a good bash of forza tonight if anyone wants me to run some laps in there tunes
If you tell me the car, class and 3-5 tracks il do 5-10 laps and see how I go
Please not the ring

Well i have some favorites in B class

70 camaro for sebring and other speed tracks.
90 camaro for bernese (or 87 trans am for bernese)

Pontiac solstice for an odd car on just about any track

You sir, are a beast of a racer. You raped me so badly that to this day, I still remember your GT. (FM6)

ERS Johnson I tried out your solstice and i like it. It handles great it’s a bit loose during elevation changes but not bad. The only thing I’d really say is the gearing isn’t quite right between 2nd and 3rd there’s to much of a gap and if you enter a corner in second you have to change before you exit the corner and if you enter the corner in 3rd the revs are to low to make full power

Stock transmission… i cant fit anything else in there or it kills the car

If you want to try,
2002 Chevrolet Corvette in A class
it’s more of a handling build, but it can do some decent speed, so exckuding tracks like Road America, Monza, Indy, and Daytona, it should be rather good.

This is a great car handles so well if it starts to slide out it does it very slowly so it’s real easy to catch it
On brands hatch I did find it a bit hard to get the braking points right does this car have funny brake balance? It seemed a bit to front heavy not lots it didn’t do it as much other tracks

Actually it is a bit rear biased, but the car does have some entry understeer. Not much but it is there, and depending how you end your braking/start your turning it might become rather noticable.

I think this is the easiest RWD drive car I’ve driven I’m going to use it more and I recommend other people try it. Il just have to get of the brakes more before I start turning in

I try to make my cars easy to drive, even though sometimes it costs couple tenths in total time.
I see it so, that if the race would be 6 laps, and I might save 4 seconds of total time which might gain me 1 or 2 places. it would be great, but the car is very easy to drive, and if someone nudges me it isn’t too big of a deal, and I recover from that swiftly.
How ever if I would take that faster car, I might do a mistake, or someone could nudge me, and I waste 10-15 seconds recovering from that.

Had another bash in this car today and did a few laps on tracks I haven run before very good car. On Indy GP got top 50 Asia and top 1000 world in 4 laps and I’d never even run this track ever. A few weeks on and this car has my best times on a lot of tracks now

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Man, I would love feedback, good, bad, whatever. Just be cool about it, lol. Anyway, anything I have shared. I have mostly the standard muscle cars, hot rod kinda builds. Some of my favorites circuit wise are my '09 ZR1 S Class, A Class '70 Z/28 & '40 Ford. I have some comp cars from a couple comps. 2 different Regals in B class, the one I used and the one I shoulda, haha. The current comp car, C class '70 Z/28 for the HLR 51 Miles at Le Mans. But anything shared is fair game for some input. Always welcome!

Also, I have a ton of Drag specific tunes as well, those should be saved and described as drag cars. All tuned for 1/4 but some will go the distance without too much problem.

If i knew how I would throw up a link to my thread in the Tuners garage, “Maxwell’s Speed Shop’s Hotrod and Drag…”, that has a list of most of my drag tunes. Still working on a full, good list with better descriptions of each. Having too much fun with the actual game! lol

Run anything you want if you want. As I said, alway up for some feedback! Have fun, hope ya like whatever you try, if you do.

I decided to try out your z28 and I saw you had heaps of tunes so I went with the Bathurst tune. It’s a really good balance between speed and grip. Very easy to drive for the speed there is a couple things I didn’t like it did understeer when on light throttle and I wasn’t sure about the gears seemed to change gears a lot over the top of the mountain and at the end of Conrod strieght you change into 6th just before you have to slow down. Other than those 2 small things I liked this car well done

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Thanks for that drive for sure! I’m at work, will check on it later on tonight, but I think I have the 7.0 engine switch in this. I love the big block. I am finding when using it, alot of times you can stay in the lower RPM range, like below 6000 and still get alot of power due to the torque. I usually get to 6th relatively fast when on a long straight to get the full benefits of that torque. Then the hp kicks in at the “big end”. Like on my C class of the same car that is in the HLR comp, when using that engine on the Classic Le Mans straight, You can either stay in 5th to get pretty close to topped out or if you shift into 6th before the big bump, or around 6000-6300 RPM to 6th, I was getting a few extra MPH without redlining. Then staying in 2nd or 3rd through the bends keeps it pretty settled. Lol, of course all that said, if I have the 5.7 in it we can rule out most of that, haha! The understeer I will try to fix and I will check out that gearing too. I try to tune for general all around any track. Totally still learning so again, thank you very much for the time and tips!!

Check out my C-Class “De Facto” GT86. :slight_smile: Any track will work well, I’m not gonna lie the Nordschleife is where I’d say you should go but Laguna Seca will work too! Or, Sonomia Full.

Gamertag: Wahr Hanzer

Check out my open source A700 Maserati GT-S. I just posted it!

If you are into leagues you can check out my tunes for this week’s birth of the supercar league. That said S class 1997 McLaren F1 GT speed and grip tunes. 2004 Maserati MC412 all grip. 1994 McLaren F1 no aero speed tune

If you want to try something different you can take a look at my 2015 Camaro A class build, think you’ll enjoy it.

Set up at Sonoma but it’s got a stock box so should work well on the faster tracks too! No aero parts on it, pretty easy and stable though and grips just as well.


I’m down rabbits looks like I’ve got some driving todo tonight il try get through everyone that’s posted tonight


Look up my Ferrari F50 tune, S-class.

Drive it on Spa, LeMans, and Mazda for some fun!