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Hello dear staff i need help i can’t wait no longer almost i’m waiting 1 mounth and you never give any answer please. My problem my ban game tag ban this situation not my problem its your problem because i want your help crash problem you never give answer dear staff 2 days ago give answer you saying : "They claim to have a crash when going online, but not when offline. But also have a ban on the PC they are using. " This problem before my ban i use cheat because always crash dear staff but i think you not read my text i’m trying always all day but somebody help me please
please look my ticket and read my text and I request unban thank you have a nice day

Crash ticket - #18584
Ban Ticket 1 - #19192
Ban Ticket 2 - #20486

my problem – > Hello i have big problem i need help i try 20 days reach any forza staff but you never give answer me please help me my problem

Hello dear Forza staff. I’m using cheat engine as i want try speed hack. But its wrong. I Try cheat because my game crash always. I speak with Xbox and Microsoft staff. We failed, we remove game and again download i need your helps sir. I have two problem sir

First. i’m banned as i’m use cheat engine for speed hack and money hack because i really bored i’m bored because my game always crash sir. i need buy cars i can’t play game i can’t do main mission if i can’t main mission i can’t earnin money. but i’m sorry about my ban can you open and can you fix my crash problem?

Second. My game always crash. I try without internet i’m almost play hour but again crash if i play with internet game almost 10 - 15 min later crashed its so bad sir. We remove and download game sir ( there time ) but dosen’t fix please help me. -Have a nice day…
Başar Özakan

this my mail maybe i sended you ten days ago but never give me answer sir.

bignote : I don’t care my money i bought two forza horizon 4 ultimate editiıon but i can’t still play i and i realy love this game i love your all games sir. Just i want play this game i want play online i’m still playing offline i have 7000 hours in forza please speak with me sir. my game always crashed i could not play never just 10 min 15 min and i want buy car any car thats why sir please give me another chance please sir / ma’am please help me i promise i fixxed my crash problem i realy love this game i use cheat as my games always crash 10 - 15 min later crash this so sad sir / ma’am please give for me anathor chance please sir / ma’am i realy love your game sir / ma’am i sended ticket after 17 days after about my crash problem here ticket number sir / ma’am → #18584 i sended mail about all of thing but you never give answer sir /ma’am i speak xbox and microsoft support they try but dosent fixxed that why i use cheat for money , please help me sir / ma’am

have a nice day sir / ma’am

ticket number - ) #19192

If you need official support, please create a ticket on the support site. Discussion of bans and enforcement issues is not permitted on the forums.

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