I want my nurburgring back! lets create a community!

So, I never post on forums, I just read them. But as a true Forza fan I feel like I’ve waited long enough to hope somebody is finally going to mention the following; WHY ON EARTH AREN’T WE CREATING A NURBURG COMMUNITY?!?!?

I cant be the only one wanting this! FM4 was so cool cause you could race the nurburgring all day long with friends and strangers and u could race any class u wanted cause of the custom lobbies. That was pretty much ALL I did, and now I keep racing random douchebags on random tracks I dont even like.

As we all know we dont have custom lobbies anymore. We can only hope to find a nice competitor in a random lobby, and even then its practically impossible to fill a Private Lobby with all these random racers you met along the road, just to race the nurburgring.

Since I saw a forum thread only addressing why Nordschleife isnt in the hoppers/leagues, I feel like we should use this thread to share GAMERTAGS so we can actually keep racing the nurburg with people who genuinely want to! We could set up infinite private lobbies and join eachother, because now I just feel like there’s tons of likeminded people who have zero chances of finding eachother!

I really love FM7 in terms of graphics and handling, but the most important element for me (racing nordschleife online) seems to be gone forever. This game is too good to just accept that!