I think the ENTIRE REPLAY SYSTEM might be broke

I posted in another thread about the 599EVO having a replay glitch, Zero drivatars but replay shows an actual car that yo can hit. Thought it was a 599 glitch but I think it’s bigger than that. Every replay with zero drivatar’s spawns a duplicate physical car. Go to Daytona Oval (faster), run a single lap with ZERO drivatar’s & check the replay. I can’t do Hot Lap replays!!! (RIP Fans at Long Beach) 2 Examples
- YouTube & the First - YouTube

Same here. Also random cars appearing on track. One was parked on my roof when I started a time attack.

I can confirm this replay glitch as well today, I’m playing on PC :confused:

I tested out the 599XX and thought it was perhaps just that car as well - but it is happening with every car during a solo replay, whether from a rolling or standing start.

I then used the gtc4lusso and a Holden touring car on Monza, Dubai and Indianapolis speedway and each time my car spawned an exact copy of itself that remained on the start/finish line. You can actually see the other car pop out of your car with a standing start at the beginning of the replay.

The duplicate ghost car is solid and was even rammed into and pushed along the track by my car in a few of the replays. Most of the time though…it just appears parked on the side of the track near the finish line.

TL;DR A solid ghost car is spawned out of your car during any solo replay. It is an exact copy of the car you are driving and it either sits on the side of the track visible and completely dead or in your way so that you have a collision with it and drag it along the track.

Hey friends, are any of you still having issues?

I have just run two laps solo on Monza with the 599xx evo and this issue remains present.

Any help would be appreciated as Ive actually stopped playing the game in the hope that this is fixed in the next patch.

After downloading the update today the ghost car spawning on my roof is still there.

I had really hoped this bug would be fixed, very disappointing indeed :confused:

The bugged replays completely break immersion for me- to the point that I dont want to play the game anymore.

I enjoy doing a few hot laps and then watching the replay and seeing the car in action from a different perspective…I CANT DO THAT IF BUGGED GHOST CARS ARE STILL SPAWNING OUT OF NOWHERE AND RUINING THE EXPERIENCE.

Can any of the highly active/senior community members or players please conduct a test and run a solo one or two lap race to confirm if this replay issue exists for everyone or only a few of us?

I sent feedback to copilot a few days ago but I have not heard anything since.

Running this game on WIndows 10, with an i7-8700K and an RTX 2080 ti as well as a thrustmaster T300 wheel and shifter and pedals. How is it possible that something as small as this replay bug is completely ruining the experience? Do I just ignore the replays? Reinstall the game?

Devs/anyone from Turn 10 can we get some feedback or a response on this issue please.

Still happening as of last night. I shared image of my car, my cars ghost AND a car I’m thinking may be the next rival… the latter 2 cars being on start line with possible rival car sideways on track.
Earlier over weekend, on each lap rival car had moved to a different location when I approached line for next lap. Once the ghost car was sitting off track facing traffic at turn one with headlights on…
And I also made contact with ghost car…sparks,bump sounds etc. as ghost car got bumped off track into wall.
So, issue still remains…

Still waiting for a resolve on this “ghost car” glitch…
And issue is happening in free play and rivals, and God knows where else lol!