I think the Devs should address the Unicorn issue

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So as we know Forzathon for Forza Horizon 3 has been announced, and it does sound pretty cool. The elusive and much requested S14 is an opening prize and I’m sure much of the community is excited; I completely understand the excitement of putting awards on the line, it gives the players extra incentive to participate and makes the developer feel much more involved with the player base. However, this raises an important quest, will said content ever be available post-competition?

The Honda CRX was a unicorn car for Forza Horizon 1, a game I still enjoy to this day. However, most annoyingly, I can see the CRX driving around the map, but I have no way to use or access it, because plot twist, I was an active duty Marine during Horizon 1’s lifespan, and spent most of that time in places I couldn’t play video games.

I’m all for cool competitions, but I hope Forza makes the effort to release special content at a later time, otherwise I feel it is alienating a large chunk of the fan base. I’m sure there are plenty of Forza fans in the military, that work 50+ hours a week, have two jobs, families to attend too, trying to make a living while going to school who can’t always dedicate time to their favorite franchise and don’t want to permanently miss out on cool content because of life responsibilities. Lets not forget about fellow Forza forum members like RaceWinner11 who won’t be getting the game until after Christmas, and the many upcoming new Forza players who will pick up the game later down the line.

Anyways, thats my two cents, hopefully someone can address this.


Some things in life are time sensitive, if people cant participate due to other commitments (no matter how noble) you cant expect companies or the rest of the world to put their schedules on hold.


So we rearrange our lives on the schedule of a game we pay for to enjoy for leisure?

The unicorn thing is as insensitive as your comment and runs completely contrary to the “where dreams are driven” tag line that Dan loves to throw around.

Dreaming of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage?

Keep dreaming, you won’t drive it in FM6.

And there will be people left dreaming about the S14 in FH3.


I completely agree with OP. It is now getting even worse than unicorns, or monthly challenge rewards.
I’m sorry but the quoted poster, this is a video game, yiu won’t be super cool in real life because you have unicorns (forza one’s), hence I cannot agree until you realise how dumb is it to split community (commune, stress on that word) of gamers.
It’s virtual so there’ss not even the need to be on hold as everything could just be ready straight away from the realease date. I’m sorry, I can’t stand this selfish way of thinking. When you know some of those noble commitments might save your life or freedom or even if yourself will not be able to enjoy the challenge because of some concerns or duties…
No really, this must be stopped. It’s really garbage marketing.

To clarify. I own all unicorns for FM2;3;4. And have some from FH1, being VIP helped I guess. Since XB1, there were none except FM6, where I don’t have the Nissan, Ferrari and Aston Martin. So I’m not a like a miss-out-all complainer. Because it’s a fallacious counter-argument that is recurring…
In fact I wished I could give the cars as I almost never drive them, being not so special considering them out of the unicorn spectrum. And they are often outclassed by DLC cars (as always…)
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Wheres the link for this?

I could be forgetting something but in the ten years they’ve been doing exclusive unicorn cars I don’t think they have unlocked the cars later. The pattern speaks for itself.

Simple way around this, add the unicorns/other exclusive things from these events into the base game after the lifespan of the game is over. That would please both sides, those who got them from the events would have exclusive use of the content for a year or so, then when the next game comes out they’ll likely move on to that game and not be bothered by the fact that everyone can now get the content. And those that didn’t get it then, would now have a chance to get it and enjoy it.


In this article on IGN, Ralph Fulton says that popular rewards will be re-used in multiple events, which I think should ease some concerns

I wonder if upon completion of the challenge if we will get the price instantly or have to wait a week for them to be gifted to us?
Honestly I think it would be awesome that for the people that acquired the unicorn cars, like for instance the Ford escort, when they got the car it would unlock it for that person to be able to buy in the buy cars menu.

While I would rather not have unicorns, I would like it if there was a way to unlock them in single player (like single-player challenges) or add them post-release. Nobody is excited for Unicorns themselves, just the cars. We don’t want cars added as timed exclusives.


Maybe you don’t, but some people like unicorns. I like them, they add extra things to attempt to achieve, and it’s very satisfying to get them especially when the event is challenging.

So add exclusive vanity items (EG liveries) rather than full content. That way you get something unique, and people don’t miss out on the cars.


Yes, because I’m going to want to spend time trying to earn a livery? Hell no. Very few people would bother trying to earn a livery, whereas a unique car is something that will grab people’s interest. Based on FM6, unicorns aren’t exactly difficult to earn, aside from the V8 Vantage which was fairly difficult. The rest were stupidly easy to get.

You see, that is EXACTLY where the problem is. People want to do the unicorn event just to get the car. That is flat out boring game design. That is holding a carrot over some rabbits and the rabbit that can jump the highest wins. But did the rabbits enjoy the jumping itself? Probably not.

All this unicorn nonsense is just showing that PG/T10 is unable to make FUN events. Exactly like you said, if no car is to be won, people don’t even show up. So what do PG/T10 do, they add unicorn cars to their events to camouflage for how boring they are.

In all honesty, the ONLY truly fun thing I’ve seen happening in FM6 community manager-wise was when Triton added the multi-class races. I consider that a fun community game design. And there was NOTHING to be won, no livery, no unicorn. And I enjoyed it. Maybe one could wonder why it wasn’t in the core game from the beginning, but still. Did I enjoy farming points for the Ferrari 312 PB in the league lobbies? Not particularly, the races themselves were no more fun than those in standard leagues, but I was there only because I was a rabbit jumping towards the carrot. I’m not an expert driver in the game so let’s not even talk about the '77 V8 and how despised I am by that one. Did I enjoy getting the Huracan ST? Nope, every week I was online just to get into the top 50% of a league and I did exactly ONE clean lap in rivals. Did I enjoy doing that? Not at all, it’s exactly the same as normal leagues.

My best rivals moments in FM6 have been trying to beat people of my OWN skill, people near me on the ladder instead of Triton. My best league moments have been those weeks where I really enjoyed the car division a league was opened for, certainly not the ones I felt I had to race in just to win the next carrot. I also do enjoy the game a lot more in a relaxed environment, meaning I play when I want, where I want and with who I want. When short time-slots open up to play the game as the only possibility to win a car you would really like to have then again, that is really really poor game design. It makes you feel like you NEED to play the game instead of how you WANT to play the game.

Maybe it can be my age, my teenager days I was alienated from the world playing video games 4-12 hours a day at my parents place are long gone. Friends, social life and sports are a big part of my life now. I think EA’s Real racing 3 is the perfect example of what used to be a fun relaxing mobile game that you could play when you want and how you want. Thanks to these live events it now turned into one very ugly game where during let’s say 12 days of a live event you need to basically log in and play for 30 minutes every day for 10 out of those 12 days. And if all the rabbits do that nice and clean, they get their carrot at the end of the period. Took me a few patches to understand I wasn’t playing RR3 anymore because I wanted to play the game, I was playing RR3 because EA was telling me to do so. Fast forward to today I can say that I haven’t even touched RR3 anymore for like half a year for exactly that reason. Let’s hope PG isn’t planning to turn FH3 into a similar game design catastrophe.


It’s also content that people who buy the game later on will miss out on, something I’m very much against.

And for what it’s worth, I would try and earn a livery, I quite like the ones that have been done in the past.


They won’t be missing out on anything, unless they choose to never participate in the events. T10 said that the popular cars/rewards will be used again. So that means you MAY have the shot at the car multiple times.

Second off, you aren’t entitled to anything. You are entitled to what T10 OFFERS you with your game package (Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate), but T10 also has the right to reserve cars and keep them as community gifts for those who participate in community events. If you choose not to participate (Either willingly or unwillingly) than that is YOUR choice. You have the opportunity to get these cars same as everyone else, if you don’t accommodate your schedule to be able to have a chance at getting the cars than that is no ones fault but your own. I myself am very happy unicorns are back, they are fun, add incentive to play the game and give you something to strive for. I remember spending ages on FM4 trying to unlock them all, even though I came late to FM4, I was very close to getting them all. I didn’t, but I’m not complaining because at the end of the day, they are simply just pixles on a game. So stop complaining that they are reserving their right to hold off whatever content they wish.

Your argument is about as strong as saying because Halo 3 has Flaming head armor in the game and you bought the game, the Devs HAVE to give you it (even though its a Bungie Exclusive armor piece) because you bought the game. You aren’t entitled to $#@! Be happy with the 350+ cars you get in the base game, and if you’re gonna be salty that they are going to keep 10 (Shot in the dark number) cars exclusive to GIVE OUT for those who participate in the game community challenges, than simply don’t buy the game if it bugs you that much.

Edit: And before you get your panties in a bunch, I haven’t bought FM5, FM6, and FH2 because of 2 reasons. Lack of 2008 Z4 M Coupe, and the fact that I didn’t have my own Xbox One (although I had access to one for all three games.) If T10 would have added the Z4 M coupe, I would have went out and bought an Xbox one just to play those games. I was so tempted to when they announced the 323ti to buy Forza 6 for it… But with FH3 announced and on its way, I would rather wait (and hope) that its added to this game rather than buy a game that I can’t play on my PC and buy an Xbox One.


Wait you didn’t buy the last three Forzas because you couldn’t get one specific car that you wanted?

Yet you criticize others who are unhappy about Unicorn cars potentially resulting in them being unable to get the specific cars they want?

So how about if they add the Z4M as a PC exclusive as a Unicorn that you cannot get as your PC won’t run FH3?

So the result is by the time you get your PC to a good enough state to run FH3, there is no more chance to get it?


No I didn’t buy them because of many reasons. The fact I didn’t have my own Xbox one, and the fact that the Z4 M coupe were not in the game were the major things that made me feel that it was unnecessary to go out and spend $300+the game for a gaming machine for ONE game, and a franchise that had less cars, less maps, and just didn’t seem as well done (content wise) as FM4… Like I said, if they had added in the Z4 M coupe, I would have went out and bought the game. Even if it was a time exclusive, and I only had a 1/100 shot of getting it because it was a unicorn car. Doesn’t matter, I would have a shot at being able to get it and I would have spent the money to have the chance to once again drive one of my favorite vehicles in one of my favorite racing games (been playing since FM2. And yes, I have played FM5/FM6/FH2 extensively, I just don’t own them.)

My PC will run Horizon 3 just fine, I runs Apex ultra at 60+ FPS. Unless there are issues with the PC port that simply won’t happen. But for arguments sake, lets say this hypothetical event happened. Than I would be SOL. I would have to wait around and hope to eventually one day have the opportunity to get it again. I wouldn’t be mad, I wouldn’t moan and complain about how its unfair. Like I said earlier. Life happens, not everything is in your control, and if you happen to miss out on certain things, it isn’t the end of the world. In fact, I would love it if they added in the Z4M as a Unicorn. It would only add to its rarity and would make it that much more fun to drive around.

Yes, people are complaining about how they are “entitled” to everything on the disc. They are not. Its a terrible mindset, and I would almost go as far to say that its about as bad for the gaming community as EA and Micro transactions (Pay 2 Win transactions only.) Almost. If they (T10) want hidden content on the disc to release at a later date, or say, unicorns… Or anything really, than that is their choice as a developer to with hold content and do with it as they please. You can feel free to disagree, or feel free to say that unicorns suck, and you don’t want them in the game, but ultimately its T10’s choice as they are the ones who are making the game. I personally find it MUCH better to have actual rewards for participating in the community and being an active player, something more than just a cool design, or tune setups. Something that actually is different, not just a skin. Which is why I really like this idea of handing out cars for doing things. Its a “Hey, thanks for playing and supporting us, here is a car for your loyalty.”

And yes I understand that some people have other things that occupy there time so they can’t play (Like being deployed.) but the world doesn’t stop just because you are gone, and if you happen to miss out than hopefully you will be around next time, or maybe next game. BUT, it makes sense that they DON’T get the cars, since they are not being active in the community. Although, I am not to opposed to the idea of having all unicorns unlocked after X amount of time. But it would need to be an amount of time that doesn’t dissuade people from doing the events because “It will eventually be unlocked for free.”


alot of us bought an xbox 360 and an xbox 1 just to play these games plus if your rude and angry little self b o f had gold you would also get free games like alot of us and to also stand my point against you even more I bought an xbox 1 JUST so i could play the rest of the forza series on xbox 1 and i got plenty of other games just for having gold plus with backwards compatibility you can play a bunch of other xbox 360 games on the xbox 1 (like i do) so either put up with me or shut up!

Also for any one direspects a veteran you may as go off a cliff because hes making sure all of you are alive so you can play these games and have fun. This is also my thanks to chickenworm the man who helps keep his country safe.