I think ive found the cause of long loading screens which return you to the lobby

I’ve spent a good week solid noticing this and intentionally done it 5 times to confirm my suspicions.

It would seem if your tune is still saving to the car after the 15 second race start count down has stopped beeping is the only circumstances under which it occurs.

Anybody else suspect this to be the cause?

I’ve also noticed if somebody has music going or there is alot of mic chatter going on there is so much data going around the load times are extremely long, or you get lobby booted.

I think the solution for that would be disabling voice chat during the loading period.

Cheers: Mark

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Yes, loading tunes just before the timer is precisely the cause. It used to crash the race (for everyone) just after the start, but now it just causes extended loading times and/ or drops the person loading the tune back to the lobby screen.

It would help immensely if you didn’t have to choose “Install” after choosing the tune. Intuitively (which is a word that must not be included in any software developer’s dictionary) after you choose the tune, then select it you instinctively relax, thinking that’s all you need to do. But no, another screen comes up after a long wait prompting you to then “Install” it.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve not noticed that 3rd screen (I haven’t done it hundreds of times, but a few dozen) and had to scramble to then click that last button.

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And FM4 had a similar problem with the liveries that couldn’t synchronize between all the players in the multiplayer lobby.

Eeeeeh T10…T10…

That’s been a known cause of lobby crashing since day one. Loading a tune, buying a car, or anything else as the timer runs down will cause either a lobby crash or at the very least a disconnection from the lobby.

I cant even load a tune in a private lobby without being disconnected 8 out of 10 times i try, so its not just the 15 second countdown (but yes that freaks the game out too - the game has way too many “race conditions” which is not a racing term but a programming one)

To semi get around this i have to have dozens of the same car all pre-loaded with different tunes… annoyingly though if the stats of the tune are the same its near impossible to tell the difference between which car has which tune.

I fear im probably close to the maximum amount of cars you can have in your garage at which point i don’t know what i’ll do… i’ll likely hit that well before T10 fix the problem :frowning:

I think the solution to chat spammers is to show their gamertags during loading screens. They only do it because nobody can see them.