I think it's time to praise

I would like to point out a few things that i really like about Forza 6. I’ve allready posted what i dont like and thought we should also tell the Developers how good this game is!

  1. The Car sounds are very nice and the Cars sound much better then Forza 5!
  2. The Visuals are fantastic and the Rain races are a superb adition to the Game ( Please add More tracks)
  3. I really like the Mods. It’s a welcome feature that doesnt feel like cheating as i’m actually getting paid more for driving full sim.
  4. I think the Career mode is good and the endurance races huge fun. ( please add a info how far back the other cars are- like in online mode. It,s allmost impossible to tell if i can do another pitstop or not as i dont know how big my lead is )
  5. The Menu Musik is nice
  6. Spins are fun and rewarding

Great game thankyou and keep up the great work and updates :slight_smile:

For the info how far back.

  1. Go to Main Menu or press the triple line button in game
  2. On main menu go to last tap and select HUD. Just click HUD tab in pause menu
  3. Scroll down to “Distance Ahead” and change it to “On” instead of Online Only.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I know I’m probably in the minority on this but I would like the option to change it from distance in feet to distance in time. 2000ft doesn’t mean anything to me but 0.8 seconds does.


My Praises:

  1. Thanks T10 for restricting the career mode to be completely linear. This completely restricts me from enjoyig thr game as I have in the past… FM4 for example.

  2. Thanks T10 for eliminating online players from being able to setup their race as they would like it by eliminating options we’ve had in the past… FM4/5.

  3. Thanks T10 for eliminating clean laps in career mode… this is so I can run all tracks, and all ribbons not only in career mode, but in LB mode. Cause I love plain O’l Hot Lapping.

  4. Thanks T10 for eliminating me the opportunity in Free Race to pick the cars I want to race against… I love running my histiorical F1 against modern cars vs. being able to run all AI’s with same exact car/model. Nothing Like running the historical F1 car against a McLaren P1

  5. Thanks T10 for developing the Driveatar so career mode is a mixture of poor drivers and one speedster.

  6. Thanks T10 for eliminating teams/clubs so it’s harder for folks to develop an online rce against their clud team members.

  7. Thanks T10 for developing the new FM6 for gamepad users completely ignoring the Specialized TX wheel which you helped promote during the release of FM5.

  8. Finally, thanks T10 for a UI that will not allow me to change cars during career mode.

All in all a basic game from a franchise that has delivered the Best Ever Racing Game on Console, FM4 to what we now have 4 years later… in FM6. I’m so glad I paid for the Ultimate Edition and passed on my 100US dollars. I can’t wait for all the extra DLC cars… so I will have m=even mre cars to create mixed races in free play.

Here’s to my opportunity to Praise T10 for FM6… Hoping you guys accept the game was not completely developed and patch the heck out of it… as is required.

Don’t get me completley wrong, overall I like the game, just dissapointed in the final product as I was expecting much more from T10. I do commend the effort and updated track list and the extra ribbons/layouts. I think this is the biggest plus for the game and only hope additional tracks as well as the Porsches are added into the game with enhanced career mode. Also I would like to see more ENDURANCE RACING as I’m glad this was returned to the game.


One thing that I’ve not seen acknowledged in a lot of the rants, is the fact that FM4 came out 5-6 years after Xbox 360 was released. I would say FM2 and FM3 were the base for a more complete FM4. Now, on Xbox One with a completely different architecture, everything has to be re-done I would imagine.

FM5 was completely rushed. FM6 feels more complete but not without its flaws like you mentioned. I’m speculating here, since I’m not sure if they have completely separate teams for FH and FM, but having FH every other year has to hurt the development of FM. This probably leads to a lot of oversight, which we can see here in the forums.

Overall, I’m actually quite enjoying FM6, despite some missing features.

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I somehow think that if Turn 10 gave you everyone of the things requested on the next Forza you would complain it’s too expensive, just saying.

You would be completely wrong… on taht my friend. I owna dn suport every racing game available… from PS3/4 Xbox.Xbone and PC… I own every one… and have two driving rig sretups one with a 42" monitor and one with triples… threee wheels and pedal sets from Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech G25. My rigs have Butt kickers and 5.1 sound systems. I could go on, but I won’t.

It’s funny. Almost everything you like about the game, I hate about it.

  1. Except you can barely hear your own car
  2. Except multiplayer races in the rain are horrible because the line is so narrow with all the stupid puddles.
  3. Mods have no business being in a motorsport game. If it was only dare mods, I’d be okay with that, but those shouldn’t dirty your laps.
  4. I’ve always found career boring. To each his own on that one.
  5. Turned off the music first day. Might suit some fantasy adventure game. Doesn’t feel right for a car game.
  6. I absolutely hate the spins. The fact the try to give the illusion that you have any control over what you win just ticks me off. It doesn’t matter when you click, so just randomly give us whatever.

Hooray! Thank you for typing all of that so I didn’t have to, add me on to your list. Menu music is stupid, its always been stupid. I’ve never understood why we need music to entertain us while we’re picking things. Fire the music guy and hire someone to make the online lobbies good like they used to be. You’re welcome for that great idea. Microsoft could add an option to disable all menu music like they used to have an option to disable all vibration, that would be a nice feature. Menu music… who thought that was a good idea for any game? This isn’t a Nintendo or Final Fantasy!

BTW try not to take all of that too serious. F6 is so much better than F5 that I’ve decided to TRY not to bitch about it, but it definitely could use some improvements - and I expect the next version will improve again just as all the versions did on the 360.

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I agree with you on these two. Mods are more of an arcade game feature, and shouldn’t be in this type of racing game. Horizon would be a better game for them. Spins I don’t mind, but would be better without Mods. That way you’ll either get credits or cars.

The music is awful. I recommend they try a southern rock music theme for FM7

That said, I do like most things about the game. It’s a good game overall, and is quite enjoyable despite it’s flaws. Rain and night are nice additions. A great base for what I hope will eventually be dynamic weather and a day/night cycle in future Forza games.

This game is average. I skipped Forza 5 since I had been playing Forza 4. So I figured I would give Forza 6 a go and bought the Ultimate Wallet Emptier version. This is my 5th and final Forza game.


Hey,go post on a hate game thread somewhere else…Please dont buy another forza game in the future becuz you will just complain again, Adios!

It wasnt cool to come in and totally derail this guy’s thread. There are plenty of complaint threads around.

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Derail, I did not drail the thread… I praised T10 as the thread asked for… Prasies!

Lol made me chuckle their hahahahaha

As for me I have posted a few times about what unlike about fm6 the look and feel of the cars is brilliant red cars don’t want to just rip your face off apart from the f1 car , its good to have more layers 3k now instead of 2k in my last forza 4 , the game does miss alot out though which I am surprised at like car clubs ! This was a major boost for me in 4 and also why don’t we have a store front ? And why cant we auction cars ? I am though mega happy with rivals and the mods to the game for example wrc body for the escort cosworth but can we have the affinity max level raised as I have hit max with Ferrari and also nearly their for ford which is a bit piss as its only out 1 week and we wont see a new forza for 2 years

Above a guy wrote the stuff might be missing as they have to redevelope well tell us that if its true don’t let us be disappointed and if that’s the case I don’t understand how 4 years is not enough time to do this when you already have a base platform to work from in fm4 but to be fair to turn ten the graphics and clarity is sublime

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This thread is for things we LIKE about this game.

-Car variety much better than FM5

-Watkin’s Glen is hella fun

-Some of the in-race music is epic

I love this game!

After I got my tx wheel dialed in the game shines… Absolutely love it

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my favorite part about this game are the showcases, I really hope they add to these through the monthly car dlc’s they release