I should be in Lamborghini season 2, but I'm not

I finished in the top %14 of weekly rivals, “Silver car”,
I set a clean lap in weekly rivals, “Bronze car”,
I finished the lambo Trofeo weekly league at %21, “Black car”,
Now I never received the Bronze car, so I also didn’t get the LP520.
I found out about Lambo season 1 four days ago, I worked as hard as I could to make it to season 2, did everything that the Rules said I should do.
I hope someone will look in on this. I’ve heard a few other players have the same issue, and I’ve heard how other players got the Bronze and Gold on the same week, So if others got into season 2 doing the same thing I did, and were rewarded for their driving by getting bronze-gold, or silver-gold and black all in the same week, why was I left out?
I just think it’s unfair when players beat the challenge and then get left out on rewards.
I hope this gets looked into, because I’m not the only one asking this questions.

You are only meant to get one rivals car and 1 league car per week max.

So if you earnt silver you are not meant to get bronze as well.

If you have received more than one rivals car in a week then one of them is a mistake.

There were 6 possibilities:

3 x league
1 x Rivals week 1 - either gold, silver OR bronze
1 x Rivals week 2 - either gold, silver OR bronze
1 x Rivals week 3 - either gold, silver OR bronze

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I understand that. My point is, I there are players that received 2 rival cars in one week, be it a system mistake of corse. but in that case, whats the difference in some getting 2 cars (Silver-Gold) by system fault and others not getting 2 cars because the system is doing it’s job and not messing up. Hey if it’s good for the goose it’s good for the gander :slight_smile: just not a fair. If your going to chew gum in class, you’d better bring enough for everyone, because thats fair.

So, just to be clear, you’re complaining because Turn 10 DIDN’T screw up in your case.

Got it.

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Contact Mechberg or forzafb@microsoft.com

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