I really love this game! Thank you Turn10

After spending a couple weeks with the game I can honestly say it’s nice to see T10 back on their a game. Not saying 5 was a bad game, but it was the first forza I didn’t play all the way up to the release of the next title. That likely had more to do with the lack of content than anything else, but what was in 5 was great while it lasted. Now on to 6, it seem to me that throttle control is more important than it has ever been in previous titles. The things I used to get away with just doesn’t cut it anymore, I have to be mindful of my inputs at all times. This not only seems to create a very intense and more immersive racing experience, it also pushes forza closer to being that pure sim people that don’t like driving assist crave for. Braking feels much better now and and doing it properly seem to yield bigger results from what I can tell. The handling is brutally beautiful with no aids and unlike any forza before it, these physics are to die for. Night racing is everything I thought it would be once you guys got it going, a nail biting affair that keeps me on the edge of my seat; even when I’m leading the pack I don’t feel safe, It is both scary and intimidating just as it should be. The Rain, my GOD was it worth the wait. No other racing has made it feel so good being in the wet, you nailed it 100% in my book. I’m still not sure how you guy were able to add 24 cars on the track, keep 60fps, do rain and some how make the game even prettier but you did it. Black magic being used by the dev team for sure…just wow. It also seems that tuning is more important now and extremes tend to cause more grief on the track than it has before, the smallest of adjustments can be felt while test driving and I love it. Also could have something to do with the fact that I can better feel whats going on between the car and the road, thus making it easier to tune out the kinks. On the track where it counts, I think this is the most lively forza to date.

As much as I love the game there are some things that that I miss from older titles. Career mode for starters. You guys were really on to something with forza 4, take any car you want and drive it as much as you want while also being able to tackle the event list at your own pace. What you have now would have been a nice third option to what you had in place with 4; so far, it feels a way too restrictive and I find myself spending more time in free play vs career mode because of this. I’m sure you have your reasons for the absence of the storefront and auction house so I’ll just state that they are missed dearly. Also, the home spaces available feels less inspired than those in 4 and 5. Sometimes I like to just sit back and marvel a paint in a beautiful background but the two we have in 6 just don’t do it for me. please provide something nicer or better yet, sell me the the ones from 4 and 5 as dlc; they were beautiful and had much better lighting in my opinion. Cant remember if it was 3 or 4 but one of those games had an awesome collision sound as well. what we have now isn’t bad but a step back from what you had in your previous titles. i find that weird lil puff of smoke from colliding with other cars very annoying and an option to turn it off would be very appreciated. How about sliders to adjust tire noise compared to engine and ambiance, believe this was also an option in the past. Right now I don’t really care much for the balance that’s in place but it’s no big deal. As you can see, my complaints are very small in scale and that just goes to say what an amazing job you’ve done with this game over all. Having this game to look forward to after a hard days work is it’s own reward. While the game is not perfect, it’s clear to me that you guys are racing toward perfection and I’m very happy and proud to be here for the ride. Thanks again for all the hard work and love put into forza series, happy racing everyone.


I Love this game as well.I to think the physics are spot on.

Be aware there will undoughtadly be haters that reply on your thread…Some here think your car should feel like a train on rails.The physics are very very real now.You must apply throttle,brake,shifting etc appropriately to get through a turn.You cant just come at it 100 mph and stick to pavement.

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That’s what I like a positive post.


I completely agree with the original poster. Even though it would be awesome if the career mode was more like Forza 4, which is my favorite and the game that pulled me away from GT on the other system, I can’t stop playing Forza 6, I love it.


I agree with the OP… on many points… and think the game has had some great improvements. The game looks fantastic and at 60FPS and 1080p its quite an acheivement, would not mind seeing a FPS check though, at times I’d swear it’s running at less than 60 FPS though… but still beautiful.

Also, Night racing is incrediable at LeMans. The intensity of the endurance race at night and at LeMans is fantastic.

The rain, looks fantastic, . However, I disagree with the OP that this mode has been nailed! I don’t mind the handling of the car in wet weather, the only thing I do mind is that the standing water on a race track is unrealistic. Brands Hatch and Sebring do not have the volume of standing water as shown in this game… as well as many other tracks.

Added Tracks: Well done (though I truely credit this to the competition mostly) T10… glad to finally get a game with more than 10 tracks again. Also, thanks for the added layouts/ribbons as you call them. Really helps with doing many races.

Another agreement with the OP is the poor career mode and overly resrictive options in FreePlay. Please correct these issues. For the love of the game… if you’re going to call it Free Play… allow us to Play Freely as well prefer on our own terms.

Finally, an item not mentioned… the issue with Wheel users… which own the wheel endorsed by T10 for FM5. PLease properly support the wheel. As a wheel users, and a person who not only invested in the controls that provide more immersion, but as a Ultimate Edition owner as well as a Limited Edtion owner of all previous FM titles.


A-side note:
I’m also willing to bet the OP and Medic 1 are both Gamepad users… as you would not be so in love with the feel of the road and car physics had you spent an additional $600 US on a wheel, pedals and a special shifter.

RMKip, you would have lost your money as I know Medic has a wheel and I am pretty sure he uses it a lot.

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Ha, fair enough… most folks using the wheel rrealize you can tune down the FFB and vibrations as well as make the wheel less sensitive and manage the driving… I’ve adapted pretty well myself… but its still not right at least with the TX wheel.

Yep. .definitely agree with OP. Loving this game, loving the series. Only one I didn’t play was FM5. Thanks T10 for such awesome racing games. And I love how you can’t get away with full throttle anymore. .more realistic and engaging to me. I use a pad so can’t compare with the wheel users. I used the Xbox 360 wheel on FM3 & 4 until it wore out. But I honestly prefer the pad.

I cannot wait to get the xbox one elite controller and use two of the back paddles as flappy paddles to change gears, but also to put on my 10 year forza D-pad from E3 it looks sweet. Also thank you Turn 10 for making Forza 6 awesome.


Like op said, this game has some great features. Night time racing is just epic and racing in the rain is a beautiful addition to this franchise besides the puddles. Love the 24 player grid and the fact that the npc’s have user created paintjobs on them but that’s about it. In many ways this game is a big step backwards in this franchise. A lot of the best features are missing and I really like to know why t10 left those out. I know why we are missing the user hosted lobbies or public searchable lobbies, but I can’t really understand why we can’t select the drivetars cars or even a specific league like v8 supercars or early gt’s. Add a very linear single player campaign and sound isn’t that great either. The latest forza for me was 4 and in blind faith I bought the ultimate edition but I regret it. This game is just a big disappointment for me. I can only hope that T10 are listening to their loyal fans.

Disagree OP…until Turn 10 fixes the buggy Drivatar AI and patches Free Play this game is a shell of it’s former self. That makes me :frowning:


agree with the OP - can’t fault #6

actually looking forward to the patch - it’ll take the burrs off the edges and make it even betterer

I’m loving the game too, but we need sum patches & custom lobby

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Just got fm6 Xbox one special Edison looking forward to hammering it!!!

Hell yea Turn 10 nailed it! whats crazy is that as time goes on, the games are just gonna get better and better, technology & evolution can be so sweet =)

The game is not bad, but I expected it would be better than it is, given that it’s 10 year anniversary, the lack of free play options make the game short-lived if you do not play online.

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I once had a thread that was crushed by haters. But yes TC i truly love this game asswell. Now time for the update and it will get even better!

I love Forza in general - the whole buy a car, test drive, find a variety of test races, be it rivals, career (which isn’t as flexible), test in multiplayer, rinse and repeat is always fun.

The overall format is well optimized for the way I play. Notwithstanding the alluded fixes and few things on my personal wishlist, I think it’s a good Forza, if you have always enjoyed it, I see litle reason why not to be patient for now. There is a lot of fun to be had still.

I in contrast really love the career they have now. I haven’t liked a career mode in forza since forza 2. This new idea of “The Story of Motorsport” is brilliant in my mind. And the fact that they have added back in endurance races is good too, I really missed them. The showcases are a fun break from the main story line, and couple all this with the new night-time and rainy-condition racing and I will say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is my favorite racing-sim game by far. Good job T10.

The only thing I would change so far is just adding more race series, like Forza 4. It had literally hundreds of races and dozens of different series that you could choose from at any time… there was an opportunity to use nearly every car in the game without repeating the same race. THAT was great. FM6 is still freaking awesome though and I still love how the career mode is set up. Chances are they may add more to it as time goes along as well… It’s far too early for people to already be coming to final conclusions about the game.