I need you Help! - The community feedback and sugestion list made by Quantum

I need you help! It’s time to make our voices loud!

Hello. I am Quantum. For a month I making list of features (only) based on community feedback and suggestions and it is time to show you final version and ask you guys to help each other.
The list is optimized for the game/series and its world. That means you will not find here crazy things, but more suited do gameplay of Horizon series and Festival climate.
Main goal of making this list is to show PG what exactly community want and showing power of us, by sending huge amount of same tickets by support page. On monthly live streams, they says that they want our feedback, by sending mentioned tickets. This should impress PG and persuade them to check things from the list.

[Mod Redacted - Not allowed - D]

Hello, I am one of the members of the action created by the user “Quantum” (GT. SanSei Quantum), aimed at publicizing the needs of players. Certainly the list below you will see / you have seen more than once. I and many others are demanding many new things and changes that would significantly improve the game. With this action we want to show how much we care about the development of the game and give you a list of things on which you can focus. Here are a few words from the creator: “I created this list based on the suggestions of the community. Certainly this list can be quite overwhelming. I would like to emphasize that the list has been optimized in terms of the game / series and its world. There are no crazy ideas here, but there are those that fit into the world of Horizon and the Festival and are optimized in terms of gameplay. I hope that over time you will listen to your community and start to uncheck things from the list. "

So there is the list:

*>>> - Most requested/important


Harder tasks – Most tasks that you gave us are pretty easy. Sometime ago you gave a us challenging speed camera in center of Edinburgh, before Playlist was implemented. Players started searching for best cars and tricks to get this seasonal PR Stunt. Social media and communicators were momentarily more live. People started to interact with each other and share their ways to do it. You were glorified, because we really had to attempt, and after completing, there was satisfaction. That would make game more enjoyable, and community would be more active.

  • Harder Daily Forzathon Challenges – It is connected with with first one, but here it is more important. Daily Challenges are that much trivial, that we achieve them accidentally while playing. They need to be more exorbitant, but fast to do. Challenges like: “Win a race using a car from ‘90s”, would be a great idea.
  • New barn finds – On the map there is a couple of unused barns. It would be cool if you fill them up.

A generous reward for 100% of playlist – so far there is no strict reason to complete the playlist up to 100%. This also would be a reward for players that want to achieve 100%. Let’s say for achieving a whole playlist, players would get like, 5 super wheelspins, and for whole series eg. 10M credits.

Difficulty Level and Assists

  • Optional Sim physics from Motorsports – We know that you are close with Turn 10. Nice addon for more experienced players would be optional simulation mode, that would be change the physics to the one from Motorsport games. In freeroam, solo, co-op, private races. It would be a great idea. However in multiplayer race the normal Horizon physics would be applied.
  • Possibility to alleviate/full disable assist for gamepad – Actually after changing steering to simulation, only some assist are disabled. Community would like the possibility to disable it fully. It is very useful when you drive in offroad. Often game lock possibility to steer much more then limit of the tires. In offroad this is common, but game do this any way, which makes driving more difficult than it should be.
  • Possibility to change assist while driving – Some players are sensitive what assist is used in cars. Cars from '50 don’t have ABS or traction control, but in game they do. Of course this is not bad, especially for less experienced players, but for car guys it would be nice if there was a possibility to change the assist while driving. I think the best option would be a popup menu like Anna or Quick chat. For PC players the should be a possibility to bind a key for certain assistance like ABS or traction control.

Rewards and “unicorns”

Older rewards added to the autoshow – Together with more challenging tasks, rewards from older playlists and challenges should bean added after a month or two. This is important for players that don’t have time for doing challenges or are new to the game, but want get certain car. Also…
Removal of “Unicorns” – …unicorns destroy economy of the game and fans of certain cars models are frustrated of getting one after time in auction house. Some people put them on sale for 10m CR which for casual players is nearly impossible to get that amount of money, and enjoy playing in the same time. It applies also to wheelspin only cars. The only cars that should be unique are Forza Edition cars, because it has special abilities. Of course reward cars should be appearing after time, as I wrote before.

Horizon Life and online races

Private Life sessions – This would be helpful for bigger groups, clubs and YouTubers.

  • Better car placing – Something like that was applied in FM7. That reduced accidental rams and gets better head to head racing.
  • Club Adventure – That would required 6/5/4/3 club members in one convoy. In ranked mode, rank would be dependent on whole club progress. If some players would be loosing, then the club would also lose points, if the club would win, then they will gain points. This should be replacing the team adventure, that after introducing Solo adventure, don’t change team rams. This type of adventure is just useless, as we are racing with random players in the same team.
  • More Games – Best if would be based on popular games in community eg. City Camouflage, Escort, Police chase.
  • Possibility to limit assist in private races
  • Remove Freeroam Rush form dirt races – Removing races form street and road races was one of best moves to improve online racing, but dirt races is also problematic for some. Rally cars is also much to stiff for cross country cuts, and frustrate loot of players.
  • Longer and more races for street, road, dirt ranked adventure – Ranked races should be longer for circuit races (5 laps min.) ended with longest race (expect Goliath). This would also weaken a bit of AWD start advantage
  • Forzathon Live participants stay in same session/visible – Live is cool opportunity to meet someone, but after ending everyone is gone, so that’s the problem.

Personalization of avatar and houses

Removes of clothing, horns and emotes from wheelspins – This is one of most frustrating and most requested thing. Huge part of community don’t like personalization of avatar or having a weird horn. Just want focus on cars and every thing about them. Better if they would replaces as Skill points and Forzathon points. For things like this, best solution is…

  • Shop with items. - … the shop. Here for credits, we would be able to get all clothing, horns and emotes. From common and cheapest, to the legendary and most expensive. Also would be cool if you connect it with suggestion of adding reward items after time.
  • More advanced character personalization – There is also people that like to personalize there avatars. It would be nice if there would be possibility to change hair, height or even change facial features.
  • Backyard personalization – Actually, we don’t have any possibility to change how our backyard looks like . This would be nice if there would be possibility to add props, or placing cars. In future games, would be cool to add insides of houses and garages, also with customization.
  • More Houses to buy

Decals and Painting

Possibility to place decals on windows

  • Painting and placing decals on light glass
  • Possibility to convert images to decals

Possibility to use special colors for decals
Possibility to paint unpaintable for now elements of cars like chrome grills

  • Decals on wheels
  • Possibility to pint under hood
  • Possibility to change paint when using downloaded paint with blocked sharing it like with downloaded decals
  • Possibility to write whole text and make it as decal – For now we need stick every letter separately
  • Symmetry on bonnet, hood, roof and bumpers – It’s like copy, but make mirror of the decal and place it on the other side

Painting every wheel separately or at least front and rear wheels

  • Painting brakes – We know about, that you will not implement it in FH4, but hope that in future games you give us that possibility. Also how about performance and race brakes? These also need to be changed in every car? That would be compromise for now.

Change color of materials inside – Upholstery color, upholstery elements, color of the dashboard, elements of the dashboard and stitches
Preview design, before apply – Storage for designs is small, so it will be cool if we can check how design looks like on car before apply, similar to confirming buying car in autoshow

  • Possibility to like designs from preview menu

Painting without saving – similar to tune setup menu, where we not need to save every time when change some thing. Simple change paint saves and takes storage. We need just option to apply without saving.

Visual Car Customization

  • More bodykits
  • More Forza spliters and spoilers – We don’t need them a loot. In the game is one more spoiler that is more curved eg. in F-Type. Will be nice to see it in more cars. For cars that have “NASCAR” like spoilers, add also standard one. Also will be cool to get more spoilers, that is smaller and gives less PI and more limited downforce setting in tuning. (eg. Only just the eyebrows form original forza spliter), also much bigger Hill Climb like spoilers, that gives much more PI, and more downforce settings in tuning.
  • More custom wheels

Adding possibility to use car brand wheels form other cars from same brand, and also add some of the optional wheels form IRL manufactures catalog.

  • More bumpers, hoods, spoilers, also race and some civilian non sport versions like in some Audi model, that is in the game.

Tire stretch

  • Changing profile of the tire – This is important for drag racing. Professional drag cars uses high profile tire to get more grip and also some tuners uses bigger wheels to better fill up fender hole.

Stance Suspension – It would give less PI and limits tuning to camber, ride high, but gives us possibility to get car lower and get higher camber.

  • Hydraulic Suspension – Low rider style
  • Tires letters of official brands and also on all tires types.
  • Visual weight reduction – This would replace weight reduction option. First level removes back seats, Second would delete electronics (not much a visual change), Third would removes whole inside up to metal and stay dashboard and front seats. Optionally changes model to that from race version like Street Stratos to Group B Stratos inside.

Interior customization – Custom Seat, Custom steering wheel, Custom shifter knob, Custom e-brake handle, Additional indicators (eg. Turbo, voltage).
Custom Speedometer and Tachometer – I take it separately, because it is important. Actually after upgrade/swap engine, instruments on dashboard becomes nearly useless. Possibility to change them is needed!

  • Possibility to unmount bumpers.

Custom exhaust tips

  • Visual changes under hood eg. Bar after first level of roll cage

Separate choosing rims for each wheel or at least front and rear

  • Reduction of rims size

Possibility to remove spoiler in all cars in the game

  • Possibility to change bumpers even if body kit is applied – Back to FH3 days when game was active, there was bug that give us that possibility, but sadly you fix it. That was cool feature and we want to get it back, although that remove some body kit elements.
  • Selection of Boost blow off sound

Car Upgrades

Anti-Lag/Secondary Air Injection/2-Step
Launch Control – This is very important to balance game! Actually AWD cars have huge advantage on the start compered to RWD/FWD, because of better launch. That advantage can be reduced by launch control. In theory this should be a assist, like ABS or Traction Control, but it changes to much in racing, so I think its better if this would be an upgrade. I think it is better solution then balancing whole PI system. Also it needs sliders in tuning options to set RPM.

  • More engine to swap in cars – Best if all engines that fit in to engine block
  • Possibility to downgrade cars – By removing turbo and also reduction plate for for like 50/100/200 HP.
  • Possibility to put worse tire compound on all cars – Like street tires on super sport cars
  • FWD swap for all cars

Cars Features

Ability to operate the convertible top – would be nice if this option can also change sound to that form bonnet

  • Staying open dynamic spoiler
  • Active screens in cars (eg. Map, or actual playing song in radio)

Possibility to control lights and indicators – This is amazingly one of the most requested feature. Perfect fit for Horizon and cruising. My suggestion is to use pop-up menu to like Anna or quick chat.

  • Greater visual steering wheel rotation range up to 900 degrees
  • Possibility to open windows – would be nice if this option can also change sound to that form bonnet.
  • Flashing brake lights when using ABS
  • Dynamic dashboard – Possibility to change information like in IRL cars

Turn on/off engine

  • Use of wipers – Loot of times after rain/snow, remains drops/flakes. Possibility to use wipers would adds next immersion element and also fixes problem with drops/flakes. Also option to turn off automatic wipers would be cool.

Possibility to looking vertical inside car

  • Turbo regulation while driving


Class rivals for every in game track – It was in previous games. This is surprising that it isn’t available in forth game. One of most requested thing in community.

  • Rivals for Custom route tracks – Very important for people who are bored in game tracks, they want challenge and community routes will give that. Imagine times on DSJ Ninja Routes. Also would be helpful for time attack competition.

Menu, Navigation, HUD

Possibility to change units separately for power, toque and speed – You have been asking for it for Xbox 360 Motorsport games days

  • One button to buy out all car perks
  • HUD Tachometer similar to actually use car.
  • More freedom to moving in Forzavista – Best if this would be a walking style
  • Information about car in Forzavista – Like in Motorsport games

More favorite bookmarks and possibility to name them – After hundreds of cars, it sometime needs loot of time to find one car. It’s very important in car choose menu before online races. Filtering is not much helpful if you have a loot cars bookmarked, so it would be just better if we can make multiple bookmarks and name them like “S1 road Online cars” or “Drag cars”.

  • Odometer on HUD

Possibility to change camera position – Most important to change for inside view. Some cameras is very bad. This would be easy fix and set it for own preference
Increase capacity – Thank you for increase capacity back in February, but it is also not enough. People buys duplicates to tune them differently and have fast access. Also, car list that have now over 600 cars is increasing from month to month, may not be enough. Biggest problem is with designs storage. Game saving every design that you download or made. It also applies to simple paint change, so storage is quickly fill up, and needs loot of time to clean up not used designs. It will be best to increase every storage two times, to fix problem

  • Possibility to disable virtual location/access place in free roam
  • Possibility to completely turn off PR stunts in free roam
  • Possibility to change tune in car selecting screen before race and then…
  • … Showing all favorite cars even if event is restricted.

Photo Mode

  • Possibility to open doors/bonnet/hood/roof.
  • Place our avatar with emotes

Route Creator and blueprint<<<

Yours community is very grateful for adding this feature to the game, but it needs to be improve. Loot of players not use it, because it is very limited, huge time consuming and after time frustrating. That’s why there is also not a loot good community tracks. For now It looks like beta state. So for beginning, adding change direction of start and use street races as starts would change a loot. In long term is needed:

  • Placing starts every where that want - Free camera instead car – This is huge change, this would be much better and easier to use then maneuvering car. This is also one of the most frustrating thing.
  • Selecting checkpoint – For now, we cant change placed checkpoints. This would be much easier and it shortened time. Also deleting further checkpoints for now is impossible. Selecting would fix the problem.
  • Save and load even in middle of making – That is also important. To make very good route it needs time. Loot of times there is some thing that prevent or not have much time. That’s why this is also important.
  • Larger route limits – 40 miles is huge number, but not enough. Also limit to 250 checkpoints is to short. Because that we cant place walls, we need to place checkpoints densely, and that number runs out quickly.
  • Higher limits of blueprints – 5 per place is definitely not enough. It needs to be 10 time more.
  • Props – It would be huge step. Placing walls like on festival tracks, destroying items like fences, moving props like hay bale or even raps it would give us the opportunity to make fantastic tracks - Possibility to set season for creating – When road is covered by snow, we not see where is edge of the road. So, many players would let go until the season changes
  • More accurate race settings - Time set by hours, weather change while progress, more whether options, traffic on/off.
  • Fix problem with diversity of cars in blueprints that have set car restrictions to “Anything Goes” - For now we always race with starting cars “TTS, Focus RS and Charger”
  • Possibility to make tasks – like “Do 3 sensational jump”, “make 350k drift score” or “avarge speed over 150 km/h”. Like in DJS “Arcade Mode” video.

Car Meets

  • Live Meet – May it looks similar to Forzathon Live. In some place on the map would appear circle, that players would meet. The game would draw car type like “Rally Monsters” or “'90s”. Here would be option to view other participants cars. Timer would showing when would be time for cruising for the next place. Also timer needs to be not long, and next destinations needs to be far away.
  • Possibly to make own meet – People making own car meets by social media and communicators. Option to make own one would be cool.

Drag Racing

One of the last updates de-synchronize tree lights in Horizon Life free roam, That hits drag racing fans. They are neglected unlike drifters. Except fixing trees they want drag events like in FM7 “experimental drag racing”. Before start heat up tires, adjust RPM, and after race next one without long loading up to some rounds. Of course with online racing.

Director Mode

This is important for young directors. Horizon have huge potential to become one of the best games for making videos. By Rockstar Edtior community made loot of great movies. Also you would make then videos competition like you do on FB page. In director mode most important is to control cameras after making replay. Recording of replay needs to be controllable. After record, there would be a timeline to change cameras and on the end easy to record/export video. In future, would be cool if there would be also: Recording camera moments, Controlling car features (Doors, lights, Turning on/off engine ect.) Adding avatars and control them, effects, control of weather and time of day.

In game text chat<<<

Incredible addon is Quick Chat, but it is not what we want. There is in game voice chat, but small amount of people use it. Blame is language barrier. Even if most players understand English, by accent, non perfect language skill and loot of times - outside sounds, people give up using this feature. Funny is that, even Americans have problem with it, and they like more to write private message. On PC most games uses chat and that is one of basic features in games. Most people like more text chat, because it is stress less easier to understand for unskilled speakers. In game text chat would change interaction between players. would be easier to find new friends and make an appointment for the game.

Equalizer for car sounds

Most of players are agreed, most cars need to adjust sound. In addition to new recordings, it’s worth would be implement Equalizer to the game only for car sounds. Also separate setting for bass and treble. This would change a loot!

Auction House

Private trade and possibility to give someone car

  • Possibility to check car’s mileage and pre-buyed perks
  • Instead clicking to select right car make and car model, list like in salon/garage/car selecting


  • Split-Screen (also for PC)
  • More contracts with sponsors with new content
  • Greater presence of the festival and the envelope
  • E-brake use animation

Better visual damage

  • Possibility to fully turn off in game music (like loading sequences)

Better car sounds

  • Own radio with songs/Spotty radio
  • Possibility to skip starting videos - Visibility steam from exhaust in winter

Possibility to joyride other player

  • More Songs
  • Louder straight cut gears using race gearbox
  • Support for VR

Thank you for making one of the best open world racing game ever made!

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And all the people who submitted support tickets to support, they’re supposed to be happy at getting lost in the wash of tickets from this are they?
I’ve got no tickets with support but many do and this could make a slow system, that much worse!
Also numerous suggestions are mere wish fulfilment and should go in the wishlist thread. Much like your post i fear.
Also don’t assume to speak for most people when most people don’t care. They are casual players and don’t care that the indicator on Jeep Trailcat is 1mm higher in real life and slightly more orange! Or whatever minute detail you take issue with.
Still, all the best!

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