I need to know if I’m banned...

29692 Is my ticket number.
I tried to log in the game for 3 days now.
I can play solo, but every time it’s trying to connect to horizon life, It say : “unable to join session. Support Id b7b6b0bb-2c12-4430-ae74-1448616030c6

Failed to open a connection. Check if your network allows IPSEC connections and try again.

I did everything I could even with the help of a tech friend and my router have no issue. Nothing with others game and I could access this one perfect before.

I’m on one or one X. I have both and both does not work.

If I’m banned for whatever reason at least I’d like to know if it forever or what because I had no message… nothing.

For having buy ultimate version at around 140$ Canadians, this will probably be my last Forza. I’m a huge fan but this is really disappointing.

have you done anything that could warrant a ban?


Not that I should be aware of.
Anyway, if someone can check on my account and see what is happening, that would be really appreciated.


you have an easy to check situation: create a new account on you xbox, which is your home console.
play the (new) game to the 2nd season (autumn) and then do 1 more race.
now the auction house is available and some other online features which are not available if you’re banned.

if this is working for you on the same xbox, then your account is banned.

is this is not working and you got the same issues, you have to check your network settings.

Try disabling any firewall or antivirus programs, read up on Teredo at Xbox Support, , and try these suggestions: