I need the basics please

I don’t want tuning tips.
I don’t want special maneuvers.
I don’t want the pro tips.

I just want the memories of your first Forza game. I just want to know the mistakes you made so that I may better refine my first experiences.

This is…Forza…

Don’t go into a corner blazing fast hoping by some miracle you’ll bounce off people and come out in a good position. Might work in career mode against the bashatars but not in multiplayers.

You have to be kidding! I’m getting tired of having demolition pinball inflicted on me when racing multi-player online. every corner - SMACK - they ping round the corner and I get to do a spot of spontaneous lawn-mowing. Lovely.

Most tracks have cones placed at the corner apex. Use those as visual guides.

Try to use the whole track, bumper to bumper (the road bumpers, not car bumpers) (when turning, you should initially be learning by going from the outside rumble stip, to the rumble strip at the apex, and then to the next outside rumble strip)

Turn off the driving lines. When you get used to driving the cars somewhat turn off the map. This will help you memorize and internalize the tracks and cars.

It’s probably best to stick with grippy cars to begin with, something light, low power, and with lots of handling and aero.

Stick to a couple of tracks and memorize those. Then move on.

Drive without making contact with anything.

Pick a visual guide for braking. Usually there are distance signs for the corners, but anything works that you can remember.

Regarding tuning, pick up some off the community to have an idea for what’s possible. When tuning yourself, stick to the basics for a while - tires, gearing, aero.

my first time playing forza or my first time owning forza?

my first time playing it was at a friends house. Foza Motorsports, on the original Xbox. friend picked a skyline or something, and being 15 years old, i said, “haha. i’m gonna smoke you in THIS” and picked a GTO (i’d just seen the movie XXX, and if Vin Diesel likes it, it must be good, right?). having never experienced a realistic driving game before (these were the NFSU2 days) i completely crashed-out on the first corner and that was that.

my first time owning a Forza game was FM2, a few years later. still a NFS fanboy, it took me a while to get used to actually having to slow down for the corners. but once i got used to it and learned about what actually makes cars go fast in the real world (who knew you don’t earn NOS by drifting around corners?) i became a Forza fan for life and never glanced back. nowadays, i wouldn’t use an NFS game for a coaster.

My first memory was FM2 and driving a volvo everywhere, with all assits on… for like a year or so, naturally i got better with practice, now with fm5 i am mostly just trying to better myself online. i think the drivatars have pushed me towards online racing…

Best tip I can give:

Learn to drive without assists and with a clutch as early as possible. The longer you wait, the more difficult the adjustment will be,