I need real help with FH4

Hey there, I’m a newb on fh4, I had kind of an okay experience playing solo, even though everything takes hours just to play.
I thought when I’ll be playing online, things will go a little faster…
Is it just me, or this game is horrible online?
It takes hours to get in a game, and since I’m a newb, it’s almost always a DNF, I never have the right car for the right race, it’s all about tunning when I just want to quickplay, but it’s impossible.
First, takes a minute to find a game, takes a minute or 2 to join the game, takes 2 minutes to get to the game, takes 2 minutes to fast travel, takes a minute to start,… it never ends ! This game is really testing my patience, I understand the matchmaking, (even though I’m mostly 200 level away from the other players…), but what in the hell is going on, why does it take hours just to connect all together?
Why isn’t there “an example” of a decent car to join those games, why am I always with an undrivable car and everybody just is a mile away once I put on the second gear, this makes no sens, it’s not fun at all. I’m trying, and I’m really trying to like the game, but it makes harder and harder. Can anyone tell me how I can get good games without spending 2000 hours learning tunings, egtting new cars and stuff?

Thanks !!


Are you playing ranked? That can be slow and will definitely require you to have a top tier tuned car to be competitive.

If you are keen to just race, unranked is much quicker as it doesn’t depend on getting everyone entered and you can play a lot of different events in a row. It also matters less if you aren’t as competitive and you can experiment with different cars and see what works. Also, check out the tuning section of this website - someone like KBowTuning has a wide range of tunes, which you can assume should be pretty decent, and you can apply them to a car you like. Also, consider the Rivals leaderboards - cars which are regularly at the top in certain categories will be well worth trying.

For ranked, you need tuned cars. There are various “meta” cars which are either exclusive (Boneshaker) or part of the car packs or expansions which you may not have. However, an example for each class which should be acquirable reasonably easily and cheaply just through the single player game would be:

Dirt B - Track Tor - available through the Top Gear challenge. Horribly overpowered and I don’t like recommending it but it’s the best in class;

Road/Street A - Ford GT40 - this is a barn find, so you may already have it. It’s not the best in class but should definitely be reasonably competitive;

Dirt A - the old Mini 65 - another barn find which is surprisingly good as a rally car;

X country A - Ford Raptor 17 - I think this is purchasable cheap through the AH and is very popular for X country;

Road/Street S1 - I’m struggling a bit to remember what’s exclusive or not but I think the Dodge Viper 08 is available in the AH and again very popular;

Dirt S1 - Ford GT05 - not a very realistic rally car but is better than most of the actual rally cars. I don’t think it’s too expensive to acquire;

X Country S1 - Ford Ranger Raptor - a relatively cheap recent addition to the Auction House which has impressive top speed and handles fairly well;

S2 Road/Street - the BAC Mono can be tuned to be fairly competitive on most circuits and is very easy to drive as it has excellent handling.

The top guys will have a wide range of cars and will vary them depending upon the tracks and weather conditions but the above should be a relatively cheap but competitive group of cars to start with.

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I am Level 200 on Prestige 3. And i need a good car too. :slight_smile:
You dont have to tune the cars by yourself. You can load tunings from other players.
With one of these, you will be able to win.

And of course: practice :wink: