I need help!

I purchased Forza 4 horizon standard edition on CDkeys however had to change my HDD as my old one is corrupt.

I am logged into xbox app on PC and microsoft store using the same account, I can see i have played forza 4 in the past but cannot redownload the game?

I have tried to redeem it again with the code from CDkeys but the store says the code has already been used (obviously).

I can find any type of download button and its not in my xbox games library (not hidden either), can anybody please help? I only managed to play it for a few days!

Ty in advance! :slight_smile:

First make sure you are the account logged onto the Windows PC you are trying to install to. Next, make sure the windows store is also logged in on the same account. You should see an option to install/play or download the game from within the windows store, its all tied to your windows account. If that isn’t much help, open a support ticket, I think there’s a sticky at the top of every forum on how to do that. Good Luck.

If you visit the Microsoft website, and logged in, does it say you own the game and give an option to install it?

If I visit it while not logged in and click to buy it, and then I sign in, it says I already own it.