I need help

I see black squares in my garage and i cannot save

Sounds like you have a corrupted file somewhere. Check your save files for a “yellow ! sign in a triangle”, if you find those, that is what is causing your problems most likely.

I dont have any yellow ! anywhere
and i deleted cache files and rebooted console what do i do?

I’ve got the same problem. Please, could someone help us? Although I have lost part of the events in which I’ve participated I don’t like to lose my car collection or the level reached. Thank you very much in advanced.

First, check to make sure your multi screen setup has not been enabled. Also try clearing your Xbox System Cache. If you are not seeing any corrupt files, this should fix it, not always but in most cases.
I know you already cleared the cache, but sometimes it’s necessary to do it again.

sounds like hard-drive failure not to be bearer of bad new just trying to help if you cannot save and the saved data is corrupted then its the drive i only play forza and forza products they eat through xboxs but ive always looked after my drive so ive only heard of what your saying …hope this helps
Sadly id recommend a new hard-drive and starting over

Where would i find multiscreen setup but if i already cleared my cache why would i do it again

If you bought some paint designs, liveries, check if they are corrupt when you go to apply them to a car. Usually the design would be all black or yellow on the preview screen of the design. Delete those and should be good. Hope this helped.

Indigo Magz: In FM4, go into My Profile, then Options. You’ll see the Multiscreen area, go in there. Unless you have multiple monitors, multiple copies of FM4, the MULTISCREEN should be set to OFF.