i need help!

i bought the vip pass an the car pass, i have both of them installed but neither of them work. please help!

What is it that you are expecting that is not working?

Please be more specific in regards to “do not work”.

How far have you progressed in the game? VIP will only show you (sometimes) extra Monthly Rivals Events, double benefits on wheel spins, a crown next o your name, and a car pack.

As for the car pass - if you pause the game and go to the far right tab you should see the car packs icon. Select it and it should show as purchased. If not, don’t worry it does this sometimes - to verify, drive to one of the autoshow locations in the game and enter the autoshow. Scroll to a car from the DLC pack (it should have the DLC icon in the top left corner) and select it to purchase. Does the purchase price show as 0CR and a message pop up about your one time free car? If yes - it’s working.

it says purchased but when i go in side of the showroom i still have to pay for them, and i dont have any of the benefits of the vip pass.

What exactly do you mean? If YOU purchase the DLC it will be free in the storefront one time. After downloading the update - it is recommended that you do a hard reboot on the console to clear the cache and ensure the update is applied.

If a gamertag on your console purchased the DLC and it is not you, you still get access to the cars but you do not get them for free.

The VIP Pass in itself does not grant you access to free cars. It does allow you to download the VIP Car Pack (may be part of the VIP pass - I don’t remember) and those cars you can get for free one time.

Other benefits include a crown by your name, double wheelspin prizes, exclusive VIP monthly events and 5 extra cars. That’s about it.