I need help! Please!

Can someone please help me? I just got back from vacation and my house got broken into and my xbox and forza were taken, I had over 60 million credits worth of vehicles and nearly 24 million in credits and I rather not start from the beggining again.

Have tried using your game save that’s on the cloud?

Hopefully, you’ve got insurance. You should immediately notify Xbox Support (1-800-4MY-XBOX, or your localized number, change your account password of LIVE, and contact the local law enforcement agency to let them know your console serial number. The thing may end up in a pawn shop.

It wouldn’t be the first time the console serial number has resulted in an arrest from an alert pawn shop owner.

I got my 360 and laptop stolen and alerted the police and went to the awn shops around town with the serial number… 3 days later the pawn shop guy called me after some guy tried to sell it to him and then I got it back along with the laptop.

I can’t check because it’s all gone, I would need the xbox to see

I can’t check because it’s all gone, I would need the xbox to see

On a new console after you install FM5 and start the game it will resync from the cloud. It takes a long time - you will think it has crashed but let it finish. Hopefully the save will still be on the cloud.

And if for some reason the sync stops and tells you that it didn’t complete … just keep trying. Sometimes it may take several attempts to complete a full sync.

Thank you for this information, knowing my luck it will take till the second coming of Christ for it to actually work but I will be persistent, for I miss almost winning, and as it stands at this point I won’t be getting the “On the horizon” achievement.

The support person told me it would be. My vehicles are my children and I would be crushed if they were gone due to it being on a different console then the replacement.

I don’t have my serial number for my xbox

Thank you all for your help! Words cannot express my gratitude towards you all and the community in general. Although I have not gotten my Xbox, laptop, tv or any of my games back, I have contacted the police and they found a full handprint and they have the serial number so if it shows up in a pawn store I will be notified. I also contacted xbox and they made it impossible to get into my account, I also inquired about my vehicles and credits and they informed me that all of my saves are on the cloud servers and everything will be just as I left it. So again thank you guys again for the help.

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If you registered your console with Xbox.com on your account information (devices), the ID will be there as confirmation. That’s one of the reasons why I suggested you contact Xbox Support immediately. They handle things like this for us.

That’s horrible to hear! I can’t imagine how you must have felt, and I sincerely hope that the rotten sod who pinched it gets caught.

Cheers and good luck from a random community member,

Hey man, thanks for the support, I may have punched a wall and put a hole in it and when punching said wall I may have broken a finger. But I should be back up and running tomorrow after it finishes updating and all that “fun” stuff but once it does it’s second place and below because winning is a rarity in my life.

That really sucks Mapphew :frowning:
I hope you can get all sorted out and when you get your console back [or a new console] you will be able to continue where you left off. I’m unsure about all this cloud storage stuff but hopefully it will have your data. Best of luck Mapphew.

Thank you for your support! As it stands at this moment, my new game is installing on the new system along with all of the dlc so at this point it is just a waiting game and I should be racing by later today.

Good to hear that Mapphew.
Are you downloading your profile from the Xbox One that was stolen. If so, make sure to change your password. Also, if you are re-downloading your old profile could you let us know if it kept your saves, or will you have to start the game from scratch again?
I wish no luck on the person that stole your stuff :frowning:

No I got another xbox, I did get everything back thanks to it being on the cloud servers, now it still is downloading but I am able to play free play so I am getting more credits as we speak, my hope is I will be online later tonight with this download speed though, it is a long shot.

Your downloads may halt entirely or throttle down if you’re playing the game. The Xbox One will cease download activities if the program (FM5 in this case) is receiving updates, even though it lists a message that it is “ready to play.”

Check the settings on the console, and look for the automatic setting to shut down the console. There is one in there which allows for it to remain active for six hours after you quit playing. That may complete the downloads for you without interference.