I need help! Money,cars, progress all gone...

I went over to my buddy’s house and signed into my profile on his xbox. As it turned out, the data wasn’t synced properly onto his xbox and when I got home to play, I’ve noticed all of my data was missing(cars,money,etc). If I remember correctly, I had like 12,000,000 cr yesterday and after I got home from my buddy’s, I only had 1,500,000. Has anyone else experienced this before??

Losing progress has happened to allot of us, sadly. Not much you can do other than to start over. :confused:

Same here, i loose all my stuff on 19/05/2014 i already send some mails to Helios T10 the only thing he ask me are the total value of my garage, and still nothing, no answer no money no level nothing, the good thing about this is im lvl 12 and i go to public lobbys where people level 1000+ 2000+ are and i kick his ass’s and people ask me how one lvl 12 guy can win like that xD

Did you sign out your gamertag on the Friend’s console, and then RECOVER it again from Xbox LIVE on your own? If not, I would give Xbox Support a call and have them lead you through it properly.

They get paid to assist in situations like this.

Snowowl with all respect in the world, stop posting things like that microsoft is not going to do nothing, this is cloud problems, i sync all my games data very fast all good, the forza is the only game guiving problems like this