I made a telemetry app for Forza!

I’m a new forza fan. I started playing forza horizon 4 and motorsport 7 from this august after securing my XBOX series X after being ripped off by GameStop.

I really like race car dynamics so I made this telemetry app to help me see the car’s data live.

Right now its functionalities are really simple but I’m planning to add more features later. The functions now has:

  1. Show real time speed, gear, rpm, power, torque
  2. A gadget that measures 0-60mph time, 0-100 mph time, max power& rpm, max torque&rpm

I named the app forzemetry. it’s only available on android now because I’m only one guy and no time to do iOS.

Please try and feel free to give me feedbacks!!!

[Edit - personal contact information is not permitted due to privacy and safety issues - MM]