I made a real bad misstake in Forza6 sold the Lotus E23

Yes i made a big darn misstake Selling that car, i know i can buy a new one but earning 2Mill+ is no easy task in Forza6 and i do not wanna sell any more bad ass cars.
Can i earn the E23 again or am i doomed to racing for cash like a cow on add frenzy? :smiley:

well any tips on cars to have and cars i can sell or is there any other way to make big bucks in Forza6 by racing?

well all help i apreciated

Best whishes
Ps i wish ya´ll a great weekend :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly, you can’t get the Lotus back, you will have to buy it again. I remember it being as the best price for 2 or 3 spins and that’s how I got it but it was somewhere between level 50 and 100, I can’t really remember. Also I think at level 3 you can get it as the best price, but you are probably past that point.

As for earning credits, they are very easy to come by. If you just play carrer you can earn a lot. However, the best methods to farm credits are either endurance races (with 100% XP mod cards) or Rivals. It’s up to you to decide which method will work best for you as both are a good sourse of credits. Also use the Forza Rewards program, you get weekly between 100,000 and 500,000 so don’t miss out.

And also don’t sell cars. You don’t get that much money from them and you may make costly mistakes, like the Lotus E23.

Actually, earning 2 Mil in forza is very easy. With spins and VIP double points it will take no time at all. Don’t make it sound like it’s the end of the world! You’ll get your car soon enough. Just race as much as you can and 2 Mil will be no problem at all. Patience.

I have spent 66mil credits and have almost 40m.

Even if I wasnt a VIP that would be about 50-75mil earned (know way to tell how much the spins were.

So like others have said it’s easy to make credits.

I earn about 250k -500k in leagues, the Daytona endurance showcases just did was 1.7 mil and 13 spins I think. So figure 3-4 hours driving and you got your car and then some.

You don’t even need to own the cars to do the showcases so plow though a few of those and you’ll have the credits to get what ever you like

Also T10 does loyalty rewards when new Forza comes out. Based in tier level but also for car collectors. You’ll want to have over 300 cars before fm7 comes out so don’t sell cars.

Heck I have 3-5 of my favorite cars to use in leagues all with different tunes so I can just switch cars and not have to worry whether the tune loads in time during intermission count down

Yeah 2 million CR is not really the hard to get. Granted I’m a VIP, but I’ve played Forza 6 for maybe 20 hours and I have over 4 million CR. And I buy cars like they were candy, so I’m sure if I hadn’t spent a ton of money on cars, it would be significantly higher than that.

Hey Guys
Thanks i will race and race and race until all i see is race cars in my sleep :smiley:

you are really helpful i have gotten so many good pointers and i am trying real hard to get my races go better than usually.
One Stig challenge i really have difficutys with is the short Hockenheim track that Little car goes all over the Place i can´t beat gim even on loowest diff.
and some tracks like Brathurst is a nightmare for me so difficult track to race on then there is brands hatch some other track variations.
Hopefully they will add more tracks to FM6 in the future maybe other race categories like Rally drive in the snowy Swedish Woods.
But i guess it won´t happen since FM6 and all FM has been about track racing raterh than off road well Horizon 2 might be Another thing, i am gonna get it evetually.

do you guys notice any real provement using a Wheel set up over the controller?

This is the easiest Forza yet when it comes to getting credits, I would gift you mine if I could.

Well thansk guys i did the Indianapolis with driveavatars at average and i gort almost 1Mill in CR i had some spins but didn´t hit jackpot even once, but now i know how to get CR large amounts of them.
So thanks again guys i feel like i might collect some more so i don´t buy the Mclaren P1 for instance and then almost broke again, i did only have 1 100% boost driver mastery i Think it is called then i had some affinity xp that i used, gort over 500K for the race alone and then those spins too bad i didn´t hit the 1Mill prize would have been nice :slight_smile: since i had several chanses as well

well have a great evening and i´ll see you guys later

best regards