I made a dyno chart for the Lotus E23 F1 by charting telemetry data that I recorded on my phone

Here’s how its power curve should look in-game if you could actually see it:

So to answer the question: …who cares?

With some of the really high end cars in Forza, you can’t upgrade their engines at all. You also can’t swap an engine into some of them either. There’s only a few cars that meet this criteria. What this means is that you never get to see a readout of the power curve. The power curve in-game is a real demonstration of how the car actually puts down power, and it correlates into actual on track, in-game performance.

So for those few cars whose engine you can’t upgrade or won’t take an engine swap, you can really only speculate. So I wanted to try to visualize the Lotus’ output, particularly since its turbo engine builds power so violently, making it so hard to drive.

I recorded it the way actual dyno readings are taken. I put the car in 4th gear and set 4th to a 1.0 drive ratio. Then I pulled down the mile straight at the test track, starting as low as 4th would go before stalling and pulling full throttle all the way to the 12.5k rpm limit. I recorded the telemetry screen with my phone and charted the numbers at 500 rpm increments.


Good effort, but just highlights how lacking Forza is for providing information that we would find useful.

Very cool, now if you could just chart the rest of the motors that would be great lol. No really that’s pretty cool, thanks for sharing!

That’s always been a pet peeve of mine the dyno charts on forza are worthless…

Nah, that’s the whole point. The dyno charts actually tell you useful info. If you’ve ever swapped the turbo rally engine into a car, look at the dyno chart and then use that to dictate how you drive the car in-game.

I use that engine as an example because it has a crazy dyno chart, with huge peak power and torque early in the revs, after which the power drops off a ton before redline. If you didn’t pay attention to the chart, you would just shift it at redline like most other cars, and probably would wonder why it feels so slow.

But if you paid attention to the chart and saw how power was generated, you’d realize you could stay in peak power pretty much constantly if you just short shifted about 2k rpm before redline, making you MUCH faster.

I guess what I meant was there’s not near enough resolution on the forza graph I would like to see a lil better resolution.:nerd_face: