I’m considering buying a racing rig...

I would like to up my game, and I’m looking at racing rigs. I’m concerned because I’ve heard from a few streamers that FM7 is so tuned for controller that it is difficult to get the game tuned for a wheel and never really feels right, and most streamers still use controllers instead of wheels.

With that in mind, is it worth getting a rig?
Any issues to watchput for in set up?
Any manufactures you would recommend or warn me away from?

While I race all sorts of cars in game, my love is for the vintage sportscars, and I would prefer stick over paddles.


Never going to be worth getting a wheel and pedals for Forza. Maybe other games. But the feedback isnt there like other games. Feels unnatural with many different suggested adjustments. I had the Logitec G930 a while back and it felt great on games like Dirt Rally, and Pcars and even the crew. But Forza never felt right. Always feels more natural and precise with controller. Especially an Elite controller with the high top cone thumb sticks for precision analog turn input.

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FM7 feels pretty good with a wheel. See the FFB thread in General Discussion (it’s over 70 pages currently).

In fact, now that FM7 is on PC I’ve ordered a full Fanatec Clubsport Setup thanks to Black Friday sales, upgrading from my G920.

Don’t expect to be faster with a wheel. Controller gives you everything you need and more to run at the top of the leaderboard in Forza.

Do expect the experience to be way more immersive and fun.

I have recently (last few days) bought myself a Thrustmaster TX wheel and pedals and have noticed I am already faster & cleaner than with either my previous Logitech DFGT or MS Elite controller.
I think it is due to being able to hold a partial throttle/brake position easier than with a controller same with steering angles on corners.

Being of the female persuasion I always like to turn the FFB strength down so haven’t been affected by any issues there.
The downside of a wheel is the requirement to set it up every time as opposed to just picking up a controller.

There are good reviews of a whole bunch of different wheels on Inside Sim Racing.

I’ll never understand how people can play racing games with a gamepad except stuff like Burnout.
Do it. You won’t regret it. Every single one of my friends went from pads to the G920 after testing it at my home.

Plus: If you don’t like the feel of forza, there are more then enough games. Get Dirt Rally if you want a full Body workout.