I love forza 6 bit

But I’m finding hard to find something to do I’ve looked thur the racers lounge and there’s few things there but the community isn’t bigger enough there to have something every night

I have very few friends so what else can forza offer to me any ideas

I like to paint, so I paint cars.

I also like to run rivals, check out the tuning section for good tunes for various classes.

As I paint, I like to keep up on what the other painters are doing, so check in on the paint section. If I can find a paint tune combo from the paint/ tuners area, winner, happy days.

I occasionally jump online and do some racing there but usually limit myself to the ghost lobbies unless I happen across some friends in the hoppers or a private race.

I still have a number of the showcase events to complete as well as a good deal of the career - been through it once but the chapters are all there for me to try again in a different class.

I seem to be more short on time than I am things to do in Forza.


Great id but I’m not artist I struggle to make Steiger lines lol although I’d I did paint a bb/LM 1983 fer that’s been downloaded and used a lot

Otherwise I suck

I find building competitive cars thay people dont use, is about the only think I enjoy.

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Photomode is always fun, lots of great people in the Forzatography community :slight_smile:

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I can’t tune in hit and miss with it but that being said I do enjoy some of the shambles I create

That’s something I wish I could do I just have the eye for it lol my toddler had hold of my control the 1st week it came out he took better pictures then me

Thank you all for your replys