I lost my account! What do I do!

So I loaded up horizon 2 on Xbox one. It told me to sync all my data again and once I got on the game after syncing my data it made me start again. I have tried everything as such to get my old data from the could but nothing is working. I was level 170 with a garage value of 20 million and I have lost everything. My gamer tag is JaMmY BiScUiTz, I have no idea what to do and I want my cars back.

Try logging out and logging back in your Microsoft account before going back to horizon 2. Your account has most likely not been deleted, so don’t worry. Try relogging. If that doesn’t help, delete save data of the game and log back in to the account you had before.

I’ve tried that and it didn’t work, Xbox support told me there is no way to get my save back as its started a fresh save and replaced my old save in the could with a fresh one. Is there anyway I can contact Forza or someone see if they can hook me up with some credits or something, I was rank 170 with a garage value worth around 20 million and I don’t want to start from the bottom once again :frowning:

I am sorry this happened. You sadly aren’t the first this happened to.

It’s not all that hard to get back to 170. I chose to restart about three weeks ago (not having played since November when mine tanked at lvl like 460). I am already back over 200. Money is never an issue in this game…

Good luck!

We are having the exact same problem…did you get yours resolved?

same exact problem here. i bought the 10th aniv ultimate edition and remaining dlc to upgrade from the old standard forza h2, synced it and was givin a new save game, i dont mind the lost progress but the dlc cars that i got are not free and cost credits, i own 2 cars and have to buy the dlc ones??? thats what i got for upgrading, a 185$ cad loss and no help to come as of yet. begining to regret my preorder of horizon 3 ult edition… helios,turn 10 can a racer get some help here

fantastic job helios turn 10 and forum moderators, issue resolved and a smile on my irish face that isnt alcohol induced. thank you all

Im very annoyed. Come on today and all FH2 progress has been deleted after syncing data. Over 100+ cars gone. And level 250+ acc. With over 3 1/2 real life gane play days. Anychance i can get my dlc packs back aswell? Fast and furious pack gone and also treasure map.