I like how PG keeps pulling us back into the gdesame

I have all cars that matter to me, I am close to the garage limit without any doubles, I have driven every race countless times and normally I would just leave the game.

But the team is doing an amazing job to pull me back. I love racing for exclusive cosmetic items, I enjoyed fighting for the hot wheels car this week and I absolutely loved racing on community created tracks. This was really fabulous, please bring more of this.

Yeah, the freeroam rush is not my taste (and I lose it every time), the ranked adventures take a lot of patience to get into, the rammers and wallriders really ruin multiplayer, so don’t get me wrong, this is not the usual designer hugging post.

I just want to say, that with all the criticism this game gets (some is justified for sure), there are amazing things going on that I would really miss in Forza Horizon 5 if they were discontinued. Seasons, waiting for Thursday for Forzathon challenges and the seasonals, interesting things and exclusive content really brings racing games to a next level in bringing veteran players back to the game.

Same goes for FM 7 and all those bounty events, but this is a whole other story.


I would love to say the same but I dont find much each week to bring me back.

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I occasionally pop in for cars in the Forzathon Shop. On occasion there’s a car as a seasonal prize I’ll go for - but no matter how much I want a car, I don’t do PvP. Mostly what brings me in weekly is a DLC car I want to play with, and then I usually stick around long enough to do the weekly challenge.

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This is all done in the sense of “games as a service”. Changing minor things in-game to create incentives to stay with a particular game. A reason why we have seasons in the game, daily challenges, new cars weekly instead of bigger packs like it was done in the past and “exclusive” stuff. Most newer games follow this pattern because it’s currently seen as the most profitable and customer-binding one.

GTA Online can be seen as a prime example of this because it launched before “gaas” became The Next Thing© . In the beginning game updates allowed access to everything new the day it launched. Nowadays only a portion (mostly the key feature) is available from the get-go while other stuff is held back (although already implemented and accessible via modding) to be “drip-fed” over weeks. Statistics show that the release of smaller things in shorter time frames leads to a higher average (in player numbers) than dropping big updates and then nothing for weeks.

As long as this trend persists be sure new Forza titles will follow it.

I haven’t completed a weekly, and only a daily by accident in 3 to 4 weeks. I’ve had every car in forzathon shop, no cares for the other fluff. I need to sit down and get more in to and out of fortune island, it’s just so drab!

I keep playing but man this experience feels like a step down from FH3.

Blame my tendency to create imaginary stories for the games I play, I suppose, something that I’ve been unsuccessful at in. FH4.