I just want to race

All I want to do is race other players online, in a racing game. Is that too much to ask?

Step 1: Actually get into a race.

Seemingly harder than you’d imagine. So what kind of race do I want to participate in? S2 Road racing? S1 Dirt racing? Well, you’d best hope you don’t care, because it’s time to roll the dice!
Queue for a race. “A Cross Country?” No thanks, quit and try again. “A Cross Country?” No thanks, I told you the first time. Queue again. “A DIRT RACING!” No I really don’t want to do A class. Let’s try one more time. “A Cross Country?”.

Yes! S1 Road racing! Let’s pick a car and go in!
“Event starting, you’ll have to wait until the next race.” But if it’s just starting, why can’t you put me in the race? Whatever, I’ll wait it out.
“Event finished, players getting rewards.” Suddenly, a prompt appears on my screen.

“A Cross Country”.

Fantastic, now I can queue AGAIN to find a class I want to race in.

Step 2: You like racing?

We’re in. Let’s pick a car and go.
“Fast traveling players.”
2 minutes later.
“Fast traveling players”
20 minutes pass.
“Fast traveling players.”

Who’d have thought the heat death of the universe would look so appealing.

Step 3: Skill, in my racing game? Begone.

3 generations have come and gone, we’re down to sticks and stones, WW3 wasn’t pretty. But hey, at least we can race.

*screams in freeroam rush"

Race starting, I’m confident in my ability, let’s win this!

3 seconds in, a wild neanderthal appears, ramming me off the track. “Checkpoint missed”

Let me just rewind.

A month passes.

Oh brilliant, it placed me RIGHT where I was when I missed the checkpoint. “Checkpoint missed.” I rewind.
It does it again.
I rewind again. Everyone has already moved on to the next race, while I try to catch the checkpoint.

WHY is it so difficult to have fun online?


Now if you had just took the time to read some of the multiple threads on this same topic you would have seen that they are going to change multiplayer up a bit soon so hopefully it will improve it

There’s your problem, you’re assuming this is a racing game.


^^^^Nailed It^^^^

Yeah, why would he assume that? It’s not like more tthan 90% of all events in the game are races. sarcasm You’re even racing the clock in all the businesses, even in drift club. Of course this is a racing game. Just because you can choose to only do donuts in a field doesn’t change that. I don’t know why the “it’s not a racing game” thing gets said, but it ain’t well thought out, to say the least. I hope you were being facetious.

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Yep. You nailed it. Welcome to forza horizon 4 bud.


Here we go again. I’ve lost count of the amount of new uses making accounts just to keep repeating the same thing.


Maybe because everyone that buys the game assumes it will have similar post game multiplayer content to fh3? I know I did.

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Maybe he was traumatised by seeing a shoe once.

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Lol. It does happen, though … like in my favorite movie. Direct quote, I swear:

"Horror … has a face. And you must make a friend of horror. Horror and moral terror are your friends. If they are not, then they are enemies to be feared. They are truly enemies … I remember when I was with Special Forces, seems like a thousand centuries ago. We went into a camp to innoculate … the children. We left the camp, after we had innoculated the children for polio. And this old man came running after us. And was crying. He couldn’t say …

And we went back, and they had come and … put strawberry flats on every innoculated foot. There they were … fashionable. Fashionable little feet. And, I remember … I, I, I cried. And I wept like some … grandmother. I wanted to tear my teeth out. I didn’t know what I wanted to do. And I wanted to remember, I never wanted to forget. And then I realized, like I was shot, like I was shot with a diamond, a diamond bullet right through my forehead. And I thought, my god, the genius of that. The genius, the will to do that … yada yada yada … the horror, the horror."

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This is the best post which describes the main problem with Forza Horizon 4 in a nutshell. The game is so much widely focused in other areas that the core fundamental racing between players is lacking. Not to mention in CO-Op, or PVP races I never got more than 3 people.


Which is precisely why I love this game so much. I much prefer the ‘other stuff’ over the racing between other players.


You must be the type of person who goes to Pizza Hut to order burgers. Anyways everyone have their own opinion and I have mine. I prefer racing in racing game, for other stuffs there are other games like GTA V for example.


Funny, that!

Actually, I am the type of person who still likes Forza Horizon 1 the best of all four Horizons where the racing against other racers was somewhat limited (mostly to street races) and the emphasis was on skills and timed events, especially with the addition of the 1000 club (or was it club 1000?). I can only imagine how great that game would be on the current game engine and the ability to do more cross country stuff, like the newer Horizons with most edge of road barriers removed. I have tried other games but have not found anything even close to the Horizon series.

NB: As to the Pizza Hut analogy… quite a good one, but I probably would get a burger since I don’t care for Pizza Hut pizza… but I digress.


Bravo. This is the MOST RELATABLE post on this website. I can’t even count how many times I’ve joined TA and cross my fingers for A Road Summer - nope - S2 Dirt Winter.

Next queue:
yes A ROAD!

Yay S1 Road Autumn
Players collecting rewards
Next session - A Cross Spring

Please add criteria before heading into TA, not vote. Criteria ensures we get pooled in championships of our choosing, and not voting for majority - because this adds risk to getting put into a championship that don’t want to race in.

I still don’t understand why people buy an horizon game and expect to play a track racer. The game is described as an open world playground. Why don’t you just go and play motorsport?


And almost every event or activity in the game is some form of racing. It’s a racing game. But feel free to parrot irrevelant marketing nonsense and do donuts in fields while ignoring the 90+% of the game that focuses on racing.


I’m referring to the people that only want to race on tarmac tracks. It’s an open world playground so you’re going to have races using that.

There’s also drifting, pr stunts, smashing boards, forzathon live, tuning, painting and treasure hunts etc. 90+% racing you say?

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Well if you’re going to count every PR board individually … rolling eyes

Nba2k17 wasn’t a basketball game. Because you could walk into a store and buy shoes, that made it an open world virtual shopping RPG game. You could buy dozens and dozens of shoes. T-shirts, too. Definitely not a basketball game.


That’s a terrible apology. I forgot to add horizon stories, skill chains, cruising in convoys and playground games. It’s an open world playground, it does exactly what it says on the tin.