I just want to RACE online!!!

Horizon 2 was probably my most anticipated game for this year as the first was one of my all-time favorite racing game. FH2 has stunning graphics and quality physics. It looked like it was going to be better than the first one… until I started playing online.

I went in online road trip and soon realized that you go through 4 pre-determined events which includes a silly cat and mouse game (or smash into the king) and a team race which results most of the time in destruction derby. No thanks.

So I then went into freeroam. This looked better as i can set up a race with the car class and event I want. But I can barely find 3 racers at a time for a race. And having to drive to an event rather than just starting one from anywhere is again a silly idea. Now the most frustrating part is that i could not start a race because there was already an event in progress. I spent some time driving from one event to another only to found out there was an event in progress. For the few races i was able to do, there was the notification with sounds to shows there is someone who is starting an event and to press X to join… while i`m racing!!!

I bought this game to RACE and found myself spending the majority of my time trying to smash into other cars, driving from place to place just trying to get something going and racing off road and jumping with some exotic cars!

Can somebody tell me if there is a mode where i can set up quick races? Does most people go at those car meet and go from there? I would hate to sell this game!