I just bought thrustmaster t300 alcantara edition, but I can't get it to work, really frustrating!

Can anyone help me out as im new to using wheels.

So I just got my new thrustmaster t300 alcantara edition and trying to get it to work on forza motorsport 7 on PC.

So far I haven’t had any luck. I can’t seem to find this exact wheel under settings in forza motorsport 7, nor can I seem to be able to update the firmware if anyone can help me out it will be greatly appriciated!

ok I just got it to work, can anyone send me some good settings for my wheel? it feels abit weird on standard settings.

Hope you find some help, but for the price, I doubt many people have that wheel vs a Fanatec. I would check some of the videos on youtube for settings. I’m sure the in game settings are pretty close for a majority of wheels.

If you got 3 pedals (T3PA/T3PA-PRO) use T300 ferrari, TMX Pro, or TX Racing from the dropdown list and then customise the layout as desired. All 3 use the same base 3 pedals and wheel-rim. Should sort you out…