I issue a challange. for a spot on one of the most challanging, fun, active crews om forza

before you hear the challange list me inform you abit.

Apex assassins is one of the elite crews that only accepts, hard driving, limit pushing, fun lobby, most importantly clean drives.

https://m.facebook.com/ApexAssassinsForza4?tsid=0.5590104821603745&source=typeaheadapex runs monday night challange lobbies such as endurance and spec races. we and known for pride ourselves on beating lobbies with out the aid of leader bord cars.

simple post a leader bord time above, 200 or better, with out using a leader bored car. (mini cooper, nsx, so on so forth. )or assist (tcs,stm,abs) in a B class car (just to set bench mark) and you will be admited as a trial member

want more of a challange?
same as before, but on the hardcore leaderbord, 100 or better. B class car. no leaderbored cars (mini cooper, nsx, so on) completing this challange will cement you postion in apex as a full member.

once you complete said challanges infor me, wolf1522 and send out your badge abs add you to the roster.