I hope they've fixed it where the AI isn't punished for missing a checkpoint.

It gets really annoying when you miss a checkpoint my a small margin and have to go back through it but the AI can ignore them totally and nothing happens. I don’t use rewind so missing a checkpoint means either going back through it and losing ground or restarting the race.


I sure hope they’ve fixed this. There was some pretty obvious and messed up cheating going on by the AI in FH2 - in one race they’d simply take the road and miss an entire section.

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Yes! Please. I watched as like 3 cars passed me way off the path and checkpoint as I went through it and just continued. I stared without blinking for a while. so wished I recorded that. It was like a convey waving at me with a grin. Some very strange freaky things happened in 2, as great as it is.

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Totally agree this is definitely one of my pet peeves also really hoping their is no sign of rev hanging


Definitely hoped this is fixed, cross country races were a pain when you were forced to use non offroad vehicles and the AI would cheat by skipping the checkpoints.