I have two e21's now :(

So I just bought the limited edition Forza 5, and I looked at the pamphlet at what I’m supposed to get and included was 1250 tokens to buy any car in the game. Apparently this was not enough to buy “any car in the game” so I was given an option to select a free car of my choice, so I picked the most expensive one in the gamer, the Lotus E21. Well I get in the game, finish my first racing circuit and then check my mail, apparently I was gifted this car on too of me picking my free car of my choice. Now since I was not able to find this information not available anywhere offline. So with that said, I know this question must have been answered before for the same problem, is there any way to get this car I have chosen - replaced with another free car since I was pretty much duped into buying the same car twice since I could not look at my mail at the beginning of this game? I mean if hate to stare at a kick-in-the-balls that is this duplicate very expensive car? Anyway to switch it out?

Quite simply, nope. Sorry.

I have two of that car as well. There is nothing you can do about it except play the game, earn more credits, and buy whatever cars you want. More than likely, it won’t take you long to get enough credits to do whatever you want. The in game currency is pretty easy to acquire. I’m over 84 million credits in three months…

Make sure you’re participating in the Forza Rewards program. I’ve got millions just from that.

First world problems.

Mo’ Forza’s mo’ problems…

set one up for grip and one for top speed.

I would recommend getting the VIP and you’ll earn twice as many coins :wink:

Well he said he picked up the limited edition FM5 that comes with VIP so he already has it.

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