I have the worst wheelspin luck

No Seriously I have the worst luck. I did 60+ wheelspins and 3 super wheelspins last night and won one FE car. I am prestiged level 100+ and have only won like 2 maybe 3 FE cars. I think I may be cursed. SMH

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I have a picture on my partner s phone of me getting white hat 1 some credits and white hat 2 in the same super wheel spin.

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Oh yeah I’m in that boat too. I have a bigger wardrobe in FH4 than I do in real life.


Same here. Playing every challenge, loy of live forzathons , level 1-100+, have just 1 ferrari 3.1m, nothing better or similar to this car. Not counting cars from barn finds, dlc and castles…

I don’t think people should be allowed to complain about wheelspins until they have won the “Horizon Fashion Week” Achievement. "Unlock 100 clothing items for your character. " Only 7.68% of gamers have unlocked this achievement… sad thing was, when I unlocked it, less than 1% had.


I have it. I unlocked it on the 05th of October. Granted I had Ultimate Edition early access but still only 3 days after official release. That’s pitiful.

I think it took me a bit more time but I unlocked it last week end. I think I only won 2 FE car (range rover defender III and renault 5 turbo) until now level 120 or something. I bought the other ones.

Forza Horizon: Fashion Is Our Passion
9/10 from GameSpot
9.6/10 from IGN
11/10 from Vogue


LOL, 100. I have 277 items of clothing, 45 emotes, and 80 horns. And a lot that I still don’t have.

That is the main reason I don’t like the whole wheel spin concept in Forza. I got the 100 articles of clothing achievement early on and my luck hasn’t improved. Clothing and horns need to be removed from the wheel spins and placed in a separate store and purchased with in-game credits.

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I will admit I am losing motivation to bother with these seasonal championships i think i earned only like 50k cr at most and no cars for all of them the other day

Agree with you. Spent lot of time by playing this game, and it is frustrating still getting same at super wheel spin. Horns, clothing… dont have motivation to continue with seasonal championchips against expert, when the is very small chance to win something valuable.

It will be nice to win at least 1x car, 1x credit and other can be clothing :slight_smile:

All I ever seem to get is clothing, dance moves and a horn. Nothing like getting a Super Wheelspin and ending up with a pink beanie, unicorn sweater and horn, WooHoo! I just started playing this week and absolutely despise the clothing, dance moves and horns. I really wish things could be focused on the cars. Wheelspin prizes such as cars, cash, skill boosts, tires, wheels, anything car or driving related would be awesome. This insane focus on clothing and dance moves is poorly suited to this game. Especially because the variation on the actual character is slim.

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Don’t worry, I can assure you everyone is getting these spins.

What I must reinforce though - DO NOT , under ANY circumstances, fall into feeling a need to get good results from super wheelspins.

Make no mistake, those absolute crap results are absolutely intended. They are intended to get you addicted to the spins, to chase that awesome 400k / FE car / 10mil car result, and then, when it’s gone, chase that feeling again.

After you’re hooked, in the however probably scenario wherein they will add microtransactions, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars.

So try to think of it this way: it’s meant to be crap 90% of the time. Just don’t care about the results, under no circumstance allow yourself to feel in any way about them, and you will be insulated from addiction.

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They have the opposite effect on me! I feeling a crushing depression every single time I get something rubbish from one. It’s the same reason I don’t gamble in real life, I’d assumed the game had some sort of anti-gambling agenda - make the player experience the sheer awfulness of gambling and losing, over and over and over again.

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Even though getting hats, horns, shirts, is disappointing, just wait until there’s none left to get and you start rolling “1,000” or “2,000”. That’s more disappointing IMO.

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Nah, clothes, emotes and horns are oughtright useless in Forza. I would have 1000 Cr any day over any piece of clothing, emote or horns.

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Totally agree, i got my super wheelspin today and i get 25k cr all common cash price. Wheelspins feels now really useless when almost all that i get is either duplicate car or small amount of cash.