I have some major ideas/suggestions for this game that many may not like. Strap in

I did a little brainstorming on what could possibly be done to fix the seemingly mundane and annoying aspects of the game. Having been playing forza since motorsport 1, I tried to include the best of both worlds.

  1. Remove the season playlist point system.
  • Keep the Races and PR Stunts and such with their given rewards.
  • But no more to need to acquire said amount of points for the week or the month.
  • Maybe have a bonus Credit Reward for having completed all of said challenges (Not including online stuff).
  1. Keep the Forzathon and Forzathon Shop.
  • It’s actually a great idea, but needs a little more sprucing.
  • Instead of a weekly rotation, Have multiple slots with a daily rotation.
  • Have a car or two of the day, and have a Car of the week. (something more rare).
  • Take clothing out of the shop entirely and give it it’s own section with all the clothing available for purchase. I can’t be the only that’s annoyed of doing a Championship with overpowered AI just to get a shirt.
  • Buying wheelspins seems kinda pointless to be honest, remove them from the shop.
  1. The Wheelspins, the Notorious wheelspins. For the love of god fix these things.
  • First off, Anything under $25,000 needs to be removed. I’d imagine i’m not alone on this one.
  • Again move clothing into it’s own purchasable section.
  • It very well seems like the wheelspins are setup to give you cars you don’t have. On the surface seems like a good setup but, it backfires a lot. I get around 4 or 5 Transit vans and Isettas a day. I do not want them but am forced to take them because we can only sell copies of cars.
  1. Let us sell cars.
  • Let us sell cars.
  • Let us sell cars.
  • Let us sell cars.
  1. Remove the Auction house entirely.
  • Yes i know, Really remove the auction house? yup.
  • You cannot give me any reason as to why things cost $20 Million. Especially for a $30,000 car. This is beyond dumb. Unless it’s a Timeless classic that does actually cost close to that amount, there’s no reason to have outlandish prices like that. Also considering that it seems like there’s bots on the auction house that buy up everything the second it hits market.
  • Don’t worry i have a stand-in for this.
  1. Bring back Club Garages with some extra spice.
  • This is something that Forza Veterans have wanted back for a long time since Motorspot 4.
  • Allow Club members to not only put there cars in the garage for use, but with the option to sell and or trade their cars to club members or anyone else for that matter.
  • Instead of an auction house, give us a major trading post for anyone to use. Not just for cars but for designs and vinyls as well. Allowing us to sell said designs on or off of a car. Either for free or a restricted price amount. No more 20 million dollar price tags.
  • Much like the system on Warframe.
  • Also give the club a storefront page for people to browse said cars and designs.
  • Let’s even go the extra mile and give the club it’s own leaderboard amongst eachother.
  1. Gifting cars the right way.
  • I don’t think i need to explain this one, just let us gift cars to whoever we want.
  • And with that give us a Return to sender option. (There was another thread mentioning this, Thanks to that guy for bringing it up).
  1. Fixing the leaderboards with ease of use, while tackling another issue that goes in hand with this.
  • We already know what’s wrong with the leaderboards currently so i’ll save you the stress.
  • This game seems to encourage cutting every track every which way just to post the said fastest time. In my honest opinion, this ruins the racing integrity of the game. It’s not road racing if most of the race is spent in the dirt.

To fix this issue, Make the Checkpoints solid unbreakable objects and penalize major tire dipping in Rivals and Multiplayer. Find some ways to encourage clean racing. I am incredibly tired of getting smashed and slammed by opponents and even your own teammates. I am aware that this will require a leaderboard wipe which needs to happen anyway.

  • This will not fix people cheating with 4 second lap times and such. Playground needs to take charge on that one.
  • Giving us personal leaderboards for everything we do will save so much time it’s ridiculous.
    This is taking a note out of Gran Turismo’s book. The fastest lap time for each session you do is recorded even if its the same car. There’s an overall ranking board for your own cars on each track. And on it’s main menu there’s every time you’ve ever posted separated in to categories, in this case it would be class and division. I’m no coding expert by any means but this cannot be hard to do.
  1. The accolade system is great, Keep this energy going.
  • The amount of detail put into the accolades is great and it saddens me when it’s not put into the rest of the game. In example, All the exhaust/manifold or filter sounds for the muscle cars were just copied and pasted across the board Minus the stock exhaust. same goes for a lot of the 4 banger cars. What happened here?.
  • Bring back unicorn cars inside the Accolades instead of quick messages.
  • The quick messages are kind of annoying. people spend more time spamming them than racing.
  • However that doesn’t mean we have remove them. Give them better placement as a Title you can put under your gamertag in racing or freeroam for everyone to see when they drive by. That will open up some space on the D-pad or keyboard for better features to be had.
  1. The Creative Hub and Track Creation.
  • There’s nothing entirely wrong with the creative hub, it just seems like no matter what caliber of design or vinyl i post it never gets seen. I should not have to take to social media for my designs or even tunes to get download. That’s incredibly ridiculous and shouldn’t be a thing. what can we do with the hub so that everyones designs can be easily seen all the time. A better algorithm or another tab that displays designs and vinyls posted in the last day, week or month. And get rid of the painter rating thing. it’s either you like the paint job or you don’t.
    • Give Designs prices. Much like motorsport 4 let us sell them for up to $50,000 MAX.
    • On an Ironic note i’ve just noticed that all my designs have been taken down for whatever reason. If your interested i will be re-posting all of them lol. My Gamertag is Shutokou Devil.
    • The track creation is good it just needs more stuff, Keep adding things.
    • One major thing it could use is letting us put a starting line anywhere and not being restricted to the races that are already there. There’s so much unused roads and we gotta let people use their mind on these race creations.
    • Also allow us to put stickers on windows and let us paint Headlights and Taillights any color we want. Been asking for this for way too long.
  1. The Transmissions.
  • While i appreciate the options for different transmissions, why only 6 - 10 speeds? why not have the option for 2 - 5 speeds as well? I see the 4 speed transmission, but why does a Quote “Drift Transmission” only have 4 gears? It doesn’t really make any sense. Rather than this, give a street or sport option that has a choice of close or far ratio transmissions with adjustable final drives and a choice of gears. With the Race Transmission do the same, give us an option to choose between 2 - 10 gears upon buying a race transmission. These same 2 - 4 gears being for people who love drag racing. Power glides and such.
  • Options for Dog boxes, Sequentials, or even Air Shifters. Just an idea.
  1. The Differentials
  • These don’t entirely make any sense. A simple system of choosing a 1- way, 1.5 - way or a 2 - way LSD and letting us tune the initial torque ourselves would be better in my opnion. Even give us an option for an active LSD.
  1. Turbo and Supercharger/Centrifugal sounds.
  • There’s nothing really wrong with these, there just needs to be more.
  • Instead of having a blow off stuck to a specific upgrade of forced induction, just give us a drop down menu or something with a list 10 or 15 different blow offs and whines and let us choose what we want.
  • And the fact that half the cars are restricted to a single induction. Let us aspirate whatever we want, and have the option make stuff NA or All Motor.
  • This one will take some time but ECU Tuning, Compound Boosting and letting us adjust what RPMs that boost goes too. (I’m aware that i am asking for too much lol).

That’s all i have for now. I apologize for giving a storybook, but i try so hard to love this game but it gives me too many reason to not like it.

Any Feedback is appreciated, Don’t hold back.


Storybook… hehehe… yeah it is that. I’ll have to come back when I’m awake to read it instead of the quick skim I gave it. No insult intended, it’s just late here :slight_smile:

Not a problem. Get some sleep mayne.

Im totaly fine if they remove the major bugs asap…

imho what you talking about is 1 or 2 years developing endup in a different game

Oh im aware of that and i agree. here’s the thing, this is stuff people have been asking for since Forza Horizon 1. It’s been 5 games with some of the same problems. It’s like going through the drive thru for a burger and they constantly forget the cheese no matter how many times you tell them.

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Useless ideas, they kill the best parts of the game. Maybe you just want to play a different game?


I am all for a good brain storm or a wish list. However you bring up many points that are:

  • Never going to happen because they are not viable (1, 7, possibly 8)
  • Based on a misunderstanding of things (5 - I can not only give you 1 reason, I can give you THE reason why things cost 20M)
  • Just for you or a small group of people or based on a specific way you treat the game (3.3 - collecting cars is part of the game; 9 - unicorn cars in accolades!?; 8 - solid checkpoints; to some extend 11, 12 and 13)
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I can see how 1 wouldnt be viable thats fair.
7 should be viable because this is a feature that was already in previous games. Why not be able to send friends cars too.
5 dont get me wrong i can see why things are 20 million. but when wheelspins and other stuff are plagued w low rewards, or not having the time to do a super long race to get that amount of money or just missing the season in general because of work or other things. But then cars that are actually close to 20 million go for half the price and less.
3 Absolutely collecting is part of the game. I’ve hit the car limit multiple times. I just meant it seems like the wheelspins are wasted on trying to give you back the car you just got rid of. It would be solved if we could just sell cars anyway.
9 ok yeah maybe we move those elsewhere lol
8 keep it just to rivals then.
11, 12, and 13. these are all things that other racing games have made work well, why wouldn’t Playground be able to make it work?.
Also thanks for the actual Feedback and not a useless comment.

You can’t send friends cars, because it eliminates the Auction system. The auction part of the game includes some good gameplay ideas. one of the best games of all time was an auction game called ‘Elite’.

20M is not that much money in this game. I have 40M, and I don’t play all that often.

Really doesn’t have anything to do with auctions. The reason you cannot send friends cars is because it would result in outside cash sales and possible scamming. Imagine the complaints that PGG would get because Rick Racer became ‘friends’ with Sam Speed after seeing a post on Reddit where Sam said he had a hard to find car available to a friend for $5 but then when Rick paid, Sam never sent the car or he did send the car but it didn’t get delivered due to a bug.

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That reply doesn’t stop it from killing the auction house though.

But does show why the reason you cannot give cars to friends isn’t because of the auction house. There can be secondary benefits for the game developers besides their primary reason for not implementing a feature.

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Im gnna be honest that would be your own fault. As with any scam trusting the wrong people. I get it tho.

The fact that it kills the auction house eliminates any other reason in the first place.

However it doesn’t have to be this way, they are just suggestions.

That may be your reason for not wanting it, but for the devs it’s about outside cash sales and the issues it can cause.

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But the devs came up with the auction house in the first place. So your reasoning has failed for a second time in a row.

They could simply have a disclaimer stating they are not responsible for any lost vehicles due to outside transactions. and if a bug does happen, they can re-send you the car.

Granted it was a different team but this is how it was handled back on motorsport 4.

Yes we know that this team has made mistakes in the past, but mistakes are still mistakes.