I have problem, light bulbs not bright.

I have been playing for 3 weeks, when I watched a few videos, I saw that other players’ car bulbs were brighter. In my own game, although I changed all the settings, it looks like the photo during the day. It almost does not seem to shine. Has anyone experienced such a problem and resolved it? I was cooled from the game because of this problem. As an example, I added the image I got from the video.

My game light bulbs;

Video image of a different player.

Extra shadowing due to image perspective in relation to the in-game sun notwithstanding, the Focus in your image (with the dimmer lights) is stationary at 0 mph, and it’s light intensity is simply the default running lights.

Whereas the image you chose for comparison isn’t ideal due different in-game time of day and relative position to the sun, we can see that this ‘brighter’ Focus is is in mid-brake with brake lights activated, hence the greater light intensity.

That all said, on numerous occasions it’s struck me as well that the tail/brake lights didn’t seem bright enough (at least to my satisfaction anyway), much the same way as it was back in the good ol’ days of H3, where it was consistantly a top player complaint.

Looks to me like the top picture also has brakes applied and brake lights lit. But yes, I assume the difference is due to the light conditions and positioning.

Yup, that’s what I thought as well, the global light source affecting the contrast of the materials like in Unity or Unreal. Though, if my guess is correct, correcting this error will lead to each car’s shaders being reprogrammed. OP could send a support ticket as that would be the best solution here.

Quite right.

I’m sorry? I must be misunderstanding you. Are you really saying that the fact that your tail lights didn’t look bright put you off the game?


Well, there was the fellow from a few weeks ago that left because credit balances are capped at 999,999,999 (he soured over not being able to accrue one more credit to hit 1 billion), and there was that chick from a few months ago that left (though has since returned) because not all of the trees in Lego Valley were made of legos (“real” trees can be found along the valley perimeter co-mingled with lego trees), …I suppose leaving over brake light brightness (or lack thereof, rather) is just on par for this course…


Friends, the subject has nothing to do with daylight or different times.

As you can see in the photo, both the parking lamp is on and the reversing light is on but there is no brightness, it does not appear.
My request, can you send photos for the day with the same vehicle?

I’m just struggling to understand how the intensity of tail lights affects your game to the extent that you’re put off playing.
There are many things that could be improved with the game but I can’t honestly say that tail lights are one of them

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With settings you have there, my pic also looks like poo (low contrast kills it)

not in photo mode, it looks like:

Might be worth checking on graphics card and/or monitor settings about contrast, brightness, color temperature …

Habe you tried stepping on the brake pedal?