I have made the Heavy Metal Affliction 2012 Nismo 370Z RC

its under the description Nismo 370Z RC. Here is a link to the article if you missed it.

here are some pics of my replica

Let me be the first to say that this is sweet! Great work!!! Will download later!

Thanks ! I will do some variants later .

Looks pretty good mate! Some of the logos could be cleaned up a little but other than that it looks pretty nice.

the doran racing on the wing isn’t the greatest but that’s because when you try to move left or right it goes the opposite way and all the vinyls are reversed .

Pretty good mate…but like Ace said some of the logo work needs tidying up :}

which logos and I will see what I can do

The Nissan logo being the first to come to mind.

I redid the Nissan logo and updated the pics and reuploaded the design

Looks better but it could still use a little tweaking with the S’s. The Sparco logo could also use a touch but it’s getting there.

will work on it tonight or tomorrow

I have redid the Nissan and sparco logos and reuploaded the design . I uploaded new pics .

Beauty! Really excellent job here.

Thanks a lot !!! Hope everybody likes it .