I have a question about banned

Nice to meet you. I am a buyer of forza Horizon 3,4 living in Korea.
Please understand my poor English. Before I say anything, I’m so confused now.
I bought a game on December 1st.
And I lost my gaming labtap in public area on December 2.
Finally my laptop came back from the police station this morning.
And I played games but was banned.
My laptop was found near my university and I could not find a suspect. So could not make a direct claim to the suspect.
To sum up, I can’t enjoy the game smoothly by the fault of others.
Someone’s already ruined the games I’ve never played either.
So I’m going to ask Forza. I want you to take action on something that is not my fault.
The loss was an accident, It is not my fault that I am wrong about my activities in the game.
Forza game is so perfect. So I bought two series at once with a lot of money to have fun.
So I hope you can help me enjoy the game.
I don’t know how to speak English, so I tell you my feelings through the translator application.
I hope you can understand my situation and take prompt action.
I hope you have a good result and have a good time today.

You can submit a ticket on the the official support site: https://support.forzamotorsport.net

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